Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Smoking kills ur time...when ur bored that is.
Ahh life's been goin so SLOoooooW these days. It feels as if we've b een together for a loOong time. But its been on for only a month. Actually im surprised it could even pass a month. Oh well....i dunt wanna hope for too much now, cuz that just won't do good.
hmm..i miss jase, whens he gonna get back from Brunei? he's supposed to visit me in KL, so i can introduce him to ma bitch, kellyo. hehe...ahh i miss that dude..he lets you beat him up whenever ur stressed out or sometin. haha.
I did my essay! well i handed it in today and oh well....i completed it two days ago. ahh im so proud of myself. hehe...i hope this rajinness goes on until i graduate. i need it. But it'll go away....just like that and i'll be lazy again. that meeeee....
Anyways...love off..im tired.

Friday, August 26, 2005

the morning has started, go work on ur shit..

[what i'm saying to myself]

Rise and shine dude! You have to keep up the good work. You're not even focusing and you didn't even finish ur assignment yesterday when you sorta promised to. you broke your promise and therefore you are useless. You have to work on it..if you don't you'll be a complete failure that couldn't stick to her own promises. shame on you if that happens. now the deadlines by 430pm, do it, but make sure contents are good and find examples from Carlill Vs the Carbolic Smokeball case. It'll be helpful, hopefully. Now go take a shower and do everything that refreshes you, go drink some orange juice and now start squeezing the work outta you. Clear your mind and relax while you're doing it. It'll be alright.

do the shit.....

Thursday, August 25, 2005

cold shower

Just got back from a nice cold shower, haven't had one in ages! it feels so good, ifeel so fresh so clean clean. hehe. oh well i mean these past few weeks i've been taking warm showers early in the morning, and once you get out to the cold room, its awful...it feels like freakin winter mon! Ahh i missssh my dearest murti and tinoz...my two lovable buddies...the ones that tease me like shit, but still i love em....:D i can't wait to see everybody this dec, especially this two. And no wait..how could i forget about jason! haha that kampungan bastard, i made that up! hehe..not proud of it. Fuck i've got an essay due monday and i suppose to complete it by today..i dunt know why i just wanted to, but now that i haven't...i guess i have to start working on it soon. I'm gonna sleepover janice's place, we gonna smoke up bad..with my other cousin and this guy named Ernest (of which she's told me some stuff about, das right cousy). Haha ernest, such a weird name, it's like he owns the world or something. The name waynus is funny tho....Jon's such a waynus! he was being such an ass laughing and stuff. ahh...i miss lil jon, he's so adorable, so cute, so nice to hug! Just like his bro. :P Anyways, i'm so malesh to pack! I'm suppose to go to this concert thingi in taylors college and im draggin my cousin along! Jisnu's in it, so i wanna support him and da indos. wuhoo! Ah i mish klaudia, jerm says she looks like the giraffe from madagascar, that i have yet to watch. not bothered tho. hehe. Ahh i miss my baby....miss the hugs, the kisses, the fun, the stupid arguments, haha...that was funny...the night i started to hit him with his bolster. :D he deserved it. mwahaha. Oh fuck i dont wanna be late for classes ever, ahh shit i know i will again. but for the time being, i just dont wanna. Anywyas times up. i better start getn busy. haha...i miss shakin to get busy with kELLy.
adios...cheppi always.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

time is runnin out.

Dear you,

Time passes by so quickly, i hate it. My poopie head's leaving and i'm gonna really miss him. ALthough he's leaving, it feels as if he's just taking a long vacation. I'm happy for him cuz he's about to start his new life in San Francisco, and i love that place. But damn i'm gonna miss him. I feel so bad about the way i treated him, i didn't give shit about him at first but now i really do give a shit about him. haha. I'm gonna miss everything we've shared this holiday, all the different stages taking place in different places. In bali, i didn't expect anything more than a hook up. I know it sounds as if i was using him but no i thought he was using me too. Yeah but after all the sweet things he's done for me, i guess i started to like him. And i do now. And i'm glad im with him now cuz he makes me happy. :) Dude, it sux that he's leaving tonight, i'll be seeing him soon for coffee, but still not much time left. What sux is that i've been hanging out with him everyday and i'm gettn pretty used to him being around me. And now that he's leaving for good til december, i'm gonna feel like shit, i'm gonna feel so lonely. :( I"m gonna miss his warm hugs, everything......And dude if you ever do read this, i mean it. haha....oh well i gotta go shower now, i feel gross.

bubye, CHEPPI

Monday, August 15, 2005

it turns out...

Hey dude,

These past few days have been a big blur for me, i don't know if he has noticed but i was so blur to the extend of not being capable of answering his questions. Well his questions are tough, but i'm glad he asked me anyways. Well the kind of blur phase im in is just that sometimes i get so confused because he's leaving so soon and so am i, which will be the last time i'll ever see him until this december or something. I'm really gonna miss him and i know he won't believe me. Anyways the reason as to why im so bothered is because i still wanna be with him, i'm willing to give this relationship a go n if it doesn't work out, whatever will be will be. Lastnight i got tipsy and went over to his place, wasn't suppose to sleepover but i took a neozep and just collapsed in a matter of minutes. And this morning i woke up so late and got home pretty late that my mother and sisters got so friggin pissed at me mon. it was horrible. Fuck my neck hurts and so does my body, its aching like a bitch! Ahh i miss my best friends, where are tehy when you need em, to take photobox pics with em and stuff like that...those were the best times, the old highschool days. i want it all back. It'll even be cool to see an enemy from highschool cuz it would just feel like you're still in highschool. My sisters have school so i guess theyre much too busy for me. But its aite, blame it on my wrong timing. So well i have to shower soon and meet the asshole. haha. Since he calls me cheppi, i'll call him asshole from now.
Bubye, cu soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

gnite to you

Dear you,
its been a long time, i know. I'm kind of tipsy right now, just got back from wiwied after all the drinkn. It wasn't too good though. Hmm...im in jakarta again and oh well i'll always miss it every time i reach KL. No doubt. My life's been goin on well, i feel more secure now, mebe cuz i sorta have someone that shows concern over me. Yes i admit it dude. If you ever do read this. Hmm...schools started but i guess its been temporarily shut down due to the haze caused by Indonesia, the bushfire thang. Damn all these disasters comin one after another huh. I can't really type much but im here cuz i just wanna let you know how i've been doing. Well, tomoro sounds like a fun day, im not gonna plan it though, prolly gonna hang out with me mumsy, which is always fun..i swear, its fun hanging out with my mummy, love it. Okay gnite diaro, i'm fuckn tired now, need some rest, been drinkin for the past few days, i have to stop. Just taht everytime im bored, i just get beer and it helps me relax and fuck its starting to taste good. I know, i know...that sounds bad and it sounds like i'm gonna develop a beer belly very soon, i'll try to avoid that.
mwah..gnite to you and to you and to you too of course.
gnite again. Me signing out. :p