Thursday, October 26, 2006

collecting seashells by the sea

Hey wat up
i had a fresh break....i went to penang trus ke langkawi...have to stay within Malaysia or else i'll definitely fail my semester. This time i'm goin back to kl and i'm gonna have to study and do all my assignments at one go. Since i took up four days already, i can't afford to waste another day of having some fun. Langkawi was not what i expected...when you arrive the feel as if it still looks like where you were running away from..the city. It looks like a city..but as you drive deeper into the'll see a real a forest without lights, without life. Then you past your forest and reach a stretch of pubs and such..of which looks like's beautiful...its a good break for me but even though i didn't enjoy it..anything with a beach will make me happy. I'll smile for sure. And i did manage to get a lil tan but it was aite..the whole time i was at the beach, i was collecting sea shells and playing with them little hermit crabs. so cute....i was trying to catch a baby crab but it was too fast for me...i realized then that my stamina was running low. haha it is man. I didn't really go shopping....i just went cruisin around, island hopping more like it. It was cool to get was cool to find my way back. All in all, it's cool to do such things. It's cool to be adventurous with people that are adventurous and don't mind staying in the cheap wooden pondoks and such. That's pure fun.
Days like this, we all should cherish. Because sooner or later, i'll be back in class doin the old boring stuff...learning stuff that are unecessary but trying to ace it. That's just stupid of me..but what can i do..its just one more sem and i'm good to more sem thank god!
i'm so so sick of the life in uni..but once work starts..i'll beg to run back and study in uni.
haha..its just like that.
I used to think that it was easy to make money, well it's not. It's not easy! Some people don't have to be educated but they can make it and the educated ones are far too educated to lose their face and in the end....they end up failures. I hope that life will turn out good for me..i hope i will grow up to be a responsible person. I hope i'll grow up for the most part.
Anyways my times up.
i gotta ciao now.