Thursday, November 03, 2005


Hey blog,
long time no see. well finals are over, i sstill have to work on an essay and 2 reports, malas. My sisters here in KL so ive just been taknig her out shoppin, drinkn, clubbin..yep thats about it. I"ve been really bussssaaaay time to sleeeeeeeep that much, i feel so exhausted. I've had enough of clubbn for now. Well, me and jerm broke up, but no matter what, i'll always treat him as a good friend. I think we both made the right choice, long distance relationships are a fuckin pain in the ass. I think we spent most of the 3 months arguing about stupid stuff.
I can't wait till christmas! I miss murti, ishtine, jase, all of y'all. i miss you guys...we can smoke the greens when we get back and then go chill it mcd's! mwah love you guys!