Monday, July 24, 2006


My little bloggie,
Today in a way i feel depressed. I guess i just give up easily on things that aren't that difficult if you make some effort. Problem with me is that i don't give that much effort, i dunt have the fire chasing me, i really don't. If i had that fire, i'm one lucky bitch, but unfortunately i don't.
My sister got drunk just then, now i know what it feels like to take care of people when they are drunk, most especially when i'm drunk and all i do is puke everywhere, fuck that's just really selfish of me huh..not like i mean to, but shit happens. It's hard to promise urself not to get drunk, it's mainly peer pressure that makes you drink and drink more than you think you can. You wanna drink with them and act tougher than you are with drinks when really i have realized in this life, whoever drinks the least is the winner, not the most. haha...never thought about that you know. But i like drinking less, it makes me feel healthier and i don't start getting all slutty, well who am i to say all this. It'll prolly strike back at me one day and i'll fuckin embarass myself. It's a fact, just when you promise yourself that you won't ever get tipsy again, you end up getting drunk instead. So i just wanna hush about all this shit. Ahhh blog im gonna go to sleep and have cool dreams with the cartoons. Maybe spongebob and square pants will show up? Hmm..or ooooh...homer simpson cracking me up. I need that in dreamland. au revoir.
i miss all the people that i've missed and met throughout my beautiful 19 years.