Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Resolutions to consider

So, a lot of people complained about 2010 being a bad ROAR. But for me, although there were negative incidents, it really got me somewhere in life. Taught me a lot about new people I met, friends, and it kind of widened me up mentally. And I have to say, I actually enjoyed all the trouble because I like the feeling of overcoming shitty obstacles.


-At times it failed me, at times it didn't.
-At times I cried like a bitch, but other times I laughed like one.
-I cooked a lot and managed a pretty awesome concoction with the use of tomato paste.
-I discovered the best spaghetti bolognese ever at Toscano resto in Kemang.
-A long term relationship ended and I lost probably the closest friend in my life but hopefully when time heals and mindsets change, we'll be making jokes at a nearby mamak again in future.
-The Legends Bar opened, which was a reason to chill out and converse. So there was a hell lot of bar talk this year. And those Kilkennys really got me thinking.
-I went Island hopping for the first time ever.
-I met up with my Dad
-Attended my sisters Graduation ceremony
-Went to Phuket and enjoyed riding the Honda Scoopy
-I made a XMAS card for Murti
-I managed to let new people into my life
-Christmas was great!

Thats all I can think of for now.

However, the New Year has approached and it's time to bring forth all those undone resolutions over the years and just see what's doable enough.

But whatever it is, here's my list, my resolution, my goal to accomplish and scratch out, my benefit, my life to live.

1. I haven't SKYTREXED yet. Have to!

2. Meditate more frequently

3. Cut down on alcohol

4. Get into bikram yoga/yoga in general

5. Cook more, spend time in the kitchen

6. Earn more money

7. Shed 3 kgs.

8. Travel, finish of what's left of Southeast Asia at least

9. Improve plans, get organized!

10. Learn how to make decisions wisely

11. Control my temper

12. Take that big leap of faith

13. Make mama happy :)

14. Perhaps go for SUBUD (if im back in indo) and get "opened" :)

15. Be a happier person, don't take everything so seriously sometimes

16. Pick up a new hobby-arts n craft?

17. Exercise more! :D

18. Learn to not be so FRIGID and express my feelings more openly

19. Bungee Jumping!

20. Get those rabbit toys (for the sake of believing its the rabbit year)

Yeah that's about it :p

I don't know if I'll be adding more stuff. haha.