Monday, December 25, 2006

good mornin

Morning blogger. I guess I've been waking up pretty early these days, hmm...i went to church on Christmas day to pay my respect, and it felt different. It was a different church and since i've never stepped in GOd's house in like 3 years, i guess i had that odd feeling of just invading. But in the end, i got the hang of it. I'm not used to it at all, it reminds me of my childhood days. Me just standing like a dope with my mother. But it was alright, it's not as boring as it was a few years back. My Christmas wasn't a blast, but all my friends were there, we had that casual hang out and started feasting on the turkey and our glasses of wine, it was beautiful, but then i got sick and they went home, so yeah its pretty sad shit. haha. But i dont know, Jakarta can get boring these days, maybe its because we all grew up and we all have our own things to hang on to. I haven't done much since i landed, just been hanging out with my friends which is real good and all but we gotta do more than that. Too bad most of them aren't going to Bali, i better have a great time in bali man or else i'd fucking regret leaving my friends in JKT. But i wish they could join me, it'll be wicked! Clubbing here is boring, i swear, i dont know, the crowds just getting worst. It's annoying. My friends and i dont even know what to do, i mean we dont feel like dancing or drinking that much, i guess we prefer to smoke up and laugh at each other. haha. It was funny when i was smoking up with deyta, she was asking me why the trees were so short and why the road was so small. Haha...funny shit. Bali has changed too actually, clubbin there is no longer relaxing, it's like you can never just sit around n have a beer. All the sleazy people are there to disturb. They disturb anybody and all they do is just get drunk every fuckin soon as they wake up. I dont think they even sleep in their hotel, i think they just get wasted and hang around in the clubs, pubs, restos. It's a very tiring thing to do. I know i'd never be stupid enough to stay awake for like 3 straight days drinking alcohol. SO dumb. These days i don't wanna drink so much, i can see how it ruins me. I dont want to get drunk, cuz i can see how it makes me so different and slutty and all that shit.The usual, alcohol does shit to you when you have just a little bit too much. Like i can't stand tequilla shots anymore, it gets me sick instantly. It's gross. I just wanna have a beer. haha i'll never leave beer. Anyways time to move on with today's activity. SHOPPING. yeh i needa shop, i've been so damn lazy to walk around and shit, now i'm going for my own stuff, hehe.....anyways ciao.
CU nanti.