Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The week slipped on me.

This weeks a butterfly.
I thought yesterday was Monday. (Yesterday was Wednesday)
And today's Thursday, close to Friday. :)

Well I went for a PUMA sale on Tues. I bought shoes, bags, shirts,and I'm so glad i got this indie-elephant sweater. Size L, but who gives really?

Pretty Les Elephant really is comfortable to wear.

John's friend gave us an annual planner. More like an organizer in chart form where you can erase, slot in, erase again the stuff that you planned for the year throughout. I think its sweet, i can't wait to organize my planning. It's like a bigger picture, rather than just focusing on month by month. I will start that on the 27th Monday.

Will my lovely weekend go to waste?

I'm just wondering, what to do this weekend?
It feels like time has slipped so fast down the calendar and its already SAT n SUN to plan out.

I didn't get enough time to plan properly. I do know Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara's on the menu. Since i adored my v.s.o.p last year, I know for a fact that i'll live life to the full this Sat.

But how about Sunday? I'm tempted to raid Massimo Dutti again. Perhaps i should just beat it and save till the pay kachings? Yep, kaching.

Honestly, people tell me that i want many things. Who gives, wanting is healthy. Gives you hope to live a certain lifestyle, to live up to standards you set for yourself.

This week, my super WANTS go to the basic minimal:

Brick. Stairs. Frames.

Cute wind chime.

Spacious whites.

A dining hall like this to eat in

ANother dining hall alternative to eat in

Corner filled with kiddy pillows

A place to watch weeds, californication, and Travel n Living :)

Wine bottles for Joe and Mur. Gnarly Head.

Last but not least, a kintamani puppy or any kampung or pedigree pups.

Tonight's plans?

Checking out Cloths and Clef's ONE year anniversary

Anyways, now i'm gonna go light up my death stick and contribute to pollution.