Sunday, December 13, 2009

not a cloudy Monday

What a lovely morning.
What a lovely Monday (Im serious)

I checked into work late today.
Got in at 10.30am to be accurate.
Thats an hour plus late.

Then again, it's not the first time its happened. Blame it on the alarm. It's suppose to alarm me but put me to deep sleep instead. Useless.

But i do love today's Monday. December 14, 2009. Memorable because of a pretty eventful weekend.

My eventful weekend (eventful to me)

-played some pool at wine @ nine
-big2'd to the early am at wine @ nine
-managed some pints and my Grilled Salsa Chicken at Deutsche Gasthaus, TTDI
-went for Dome's All Day BIG ass breakie
-Met an interesting soul
-got some work done, most of it actually
-suppose to go skytrekking but bailed out in the end cuz of meds
-Mums Birthday, wished her for being the coolest
-Now knows why magnificent fish and chips is magnifique?
-played pool at ballroom, another yuppy guppy spot, empty as hell
-went to Reggae Bar off petaling street for the first time ever. chilled out to a shisha, gulped a carlsberg, and lost a game of british pool
-received a cute ass bong from Krabi land, compliments from Shanice
-bought a KFC happymeal set that comes with a mini Doraemon figure in a house
-couldn't stop laughing when Iron Chef came on
-is definitely not smarter than a 5th grader either. Tough show, brainy kids.

This weeks going to be good because it's like the last week to survive through before leave, leave, leave.

Christmas back home in Jakarta.
New Year's with Murti in Bangkok.

I'm smiling already.

-still have to add in my previous getaways before i forget about it for life

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Langkawi Lamp post :)

Langkawi dulu

The actual date of trip: 29 Aug-31st

Just for keepsake, I want to remember my lamp post moments in Langkawi.

as usual, my blanket a.k.a IBU JANE'S follow me everywhere, provided if there's enuf space for it to crash.

I loved the whole alone time with hot earls and drags by the balcony. I enjoyed it so much. Loved the fact that I didn't have to take care of any dugongs for the weekend. Just chill, watch the trees, and be a certified loner. Plus the TV was out, it just wasn't workin. And I knew it wanted me to have an actual holiday by not allowing me to grip on any form of news updates or shows..etc. Even my room left me alone man. I loved it. I didn't bother to call anybody for chit chats. Didn't miss anyone either. Just felt like fuckin the world yknow.

My balkon of wisdom

I went with my cousy Janice and her bf Thomas.
Initially, it was suppose to be my cousin and i bumming on the shores. But her thom-thom wanted in (and im sure it was for romantic reasons)plus to me they look like two fresh oysters. So yeah I get it and I didn't mind me, myself, and I time either. The space was worth it.

Foodie galore! Yeah we visited Orchid Ria once again for the fluffball giant prawns, the crabs, the ikan goreng bawang putih, and well it tasted better than the other time. I wanted to try the kampung huts selling tomyam and ikan bakar, but the rain wasn't giving in. What a bitch man. But okay who am i to complain when seafoods on my plate. Orchid Ria is commercialized as hell, one of the shareholders are superbly rude and if you ditch em, they won't even notice cuz its always occupied with people anyways. Their lucky their seafood is fresh and up to par with the Balinese siput restos. Lucky asses. Cuz if it wasn't, I just wonder how nice he will be to us. He is rude, assholic, and disrespectful. Three things you should never be when serving your customers. When they want a seat, you don't ask em WHY they want a gaddamn seat, you wipe the rain off and bring it over. He complains. What uncle is this man? I swear he's not an old man, he's an asshole in disguise. I have so much respect for older ppl but that old hag deserves to be kung pao'd. x[

When the food arrived, i couldnt help but smile and eat my ass off. After 20 minutes of the grumpy disaster.

Yummy ass crabbbbbbss

Then of course we met our bud Thierry Phal. He owns the Yellow Cafe, a gorgeous place with pretty balinese hammocks, bamboo ceilings, rustic lamps, and yellow couches of comfort. Just stayed there for hours chilling, mumbling, laughing, chilling all over again. You should really just bum on the floor and stretch your legs to his thai cushion thingi. awesome shit.

The Yellow Cafe

the kuning couch

Balinese hammock, so innovative dontcha think?

Not to mention our trip to UNDERWATERWORLD LANGKAWI. It was so-so. There were no goddamn dugongs to see. There was this awesome jelly fish tho. there were those grumpy penguins featured in happy feet too and some other little unique beings :)

My favorite creature. Forgot what type of Jellyfish tho. But I would call em the X-RAYed Jellyfish clan

me chilling with my homie

the grumpy breed

The mighty Sting Ray. It just always takes my breath away. Gorgeous creatures.

DOMINO DAMSELFISH. DAMN. what a fuckin funny name.

It was raining. So I did not toast. Yeah saddie ay, plus it wasn't the right time of the month either.
I didn't get to indulge in water sports, parasailing.

Here's a shot of janice/nyonya penguin/janite up high in the air


To wrap it up

Warning: Swine Flu is hazardous. Cover up like me.
(okay I want popcorn n ribena now) so lame.

It's Friday today, happy happy joy joy!

Okay, thats all folks.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the dragger i am

Yknow one of those days when you set a post-it to remind/tell u what to do but you don't end up doing it and u realize you're such a slob by Sunday.

Well this week, I didn't need no post-it. I just suddenly remembered, bothered, to do the one thing i've been dragging on for so long. To service my car.
And I did just that and oh lookie what they gave me in return for servicing, a prebiotic Alla Fonte drink all wrapped up with some other souvenirs. How thoughtful. I was thirsty. And boy the Mandarin Orange Flavour really did grace on my tastebuds nicely. Yumster.
It's thursday, i'm bored in the cube, but it does feel good to have my machine back in action. Now i can plan long back n forth trips or perhaps just drive my day away. I was just thinking of SUVS. And now im wondering why i'm stuck with my sedan. hmm..SUVS are awesome, you can fit people in, shop for ur groceries in bulk, and travel on rocky roads without feeling sorry for the poor guy. Below my car there are scratches, countless numbers of em. It's almost like ART. Damn the shortie really. Anyways I love driving when the roads are empty. And i love the sight of empty parking spots, it just feels like freedom to park at the right spot at the wrong time.

I've been checking out "fuckyeah" tattoos and other tat sites. Some of em are ridiculously dumbo. Only a few deserve the right click "save picture as" effort. These are the cool few I right clicked "save picture as" on.

what a wise owl

this is inkhot.

this girl is awesome hot

spiritually dainty

I won't show the stupid ink blot pics. Incase the poopers threaten to sue me. And i dont want to explain why I dont like it to em cuz they wont get it. And they will probably blame me for saying it looks dumb. And I dont want em to beat me up either, cuz a majority of the f'd up inkblots look like they belong to roided bikers with friggin veins poppin out here and there. U bet im scared. And my daddy's no mafia.
I mean i know i dont have the rights to judge. But when i scrolled thru the hall of shame, i seriously thought it was ridiculous. Like "how in the fuck could you live with that?" type of ridiculous.

Okay i'll shut my trap and move on with my life. ahem.

Man, CHOKE-HyBRID sounds good.Taken from THE SPIRIT movie soundtrack. It's been months and I haven't choked just yet. Still ALLLL GOOOOOD. :D

Man, I can't wait to go home for shower power. And i can't wait to eat like vegetables, fruits, and have a glass of OJ. I feel like cheese too.
BINGING is what i do best, binge here and there till it becomes a full meal.
MMM..yumm..binge, sit back on the couch, and catch Anthony Bourdain in like a third world country lighting his cig or perhaps in Washington DC eating what you call a BURGER. I heart Bourdain's ability to describe just about anything in the most unique way ever. Yeah now i have to get his books. Since i love his language so much.

its time to go now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He will be CHOPPED, just like the cooking show on T&L

A puffy eye-bag night it was. No laughing dreams, no flying pigs, just an invisible blood battle.

This morning, my eyes were curry puffs. heated up, swollen, and curry angry. All from no sleep.

I swear relationships seriously give you eye bags and increase your nicotine intake.
Somehow, nicotine makes you feel better at times like these.

If only couples could just let things go easily and move on to a good night of sleep.
He prefers to stay with the temper, attitude, and move on to a rotten night of sleep.
I hate that, it's too lengthy n tiring.

I'm pissed that I bothered myself to disrupted sleep.
I'm pissed that he's bugging the shit out of me.
I'm pissed that i've already apologized and his greed balls wanna suck more apologies out of me
More over i'm pissed cuz it takes quite a fuckin country for me to say "i'm sorry".
It makes me feel weak to say sorry, but I have learned when ur wrong, u just are. The more you make it sound like ur right, the more the guilt deepens and you do realize it down the argumentative road.

So i didn't take that road. Instead i blurted out the apology and oh goodness hell it wasn't ENOUGH. Fuck that, there's only so much I can do. And he is no KING. Nor is he anything significant.

Well, he played 'GOD' last night.
Believe me, it didn't work for nuts.

If he wants me to respect him, he should be mature about accepting the apology. If he wants to accept it and nudge it back to my face. I might as well pick on his fuckin balls. That's why the guilt is no longer in me.

C,mon if someone wants to make someone feel guilty, the last thing they should do is throw back an apology right after asking for it. That's why i'm a boiling tomato now. Cuz its nail-biting annoying. retarded. childish. And everything it shouldn't be.

This is my method of arguing. The memory spike.

"Whoever in discussion adduced authority uses not intellect but rather memory."
- Leonardo da Vinci-

This is his way on the trippin highway: The stupid shield

"He read partly for information, partly for comparison, partly for insight, partly for the sheer joy of felicitous statement.He delighted particularly inquotations which distilled the essence of an argument."

-Schlesinger, Arthur M(eier),Jr-

"Men are apt to mistake the strength of their feeling for the strength of their argument. The heated mind resents the chill touch and relentless scrutiny of logic."
- William Ewart Gladstone-

What he lacks:

"I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle."

-Andrew Carnegie-

What we BOTH LACK:

"Lower your voice and strengthen your argument."

-A Lebanese proverb-

There goes a never-ending battle. Sooner or later, i'll be able to make a script out of it. Yeah its long alright and there are episodes as well. I dont know what season we're up to now. But the Bold and Beautiful is not far off, no seriously.

ps. I can't believe i'm sharing this with Google.

Unlike my Marlys, he is worth quitting on.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A mental indigestion too


I've been feeling really gassy, lost, and intimidated easily as of late.
I do NOT know why. Pss.

I miss my friends?
Yeah totally. But why does missing cause indigestion? nah its last night's meatworks really.
I am really not feeling so good right now. I feel like a fat slob that just ate 3 rounds of korean barbeque at BONGA! And i did just that. I feel like i haven't been exercising much. And i've been doing just that.
I think i need to wake the shit outta my face and just go for the kill. Sweat the bitch numsayin? Just like swim. run. set a new diet for myself. Some fibrous goods if possible.

I haven't been doing much besides admitting myself to the cube. handing in work. then there's the occasional daydreamer side of me?

It was funny, last night i laughed real hard when i was sleeping. Then john woke me up, shocked me shitless with his face infronta mine. And it was dark. So he looked like some sad ass goblin. haha. And he started bursting out in flames of laughter, telling me that it was my laughter that killed him.
Whatevs mister. People have dreams. Just that I happen to bring them to reality in a scary chuckle. Puss-wuss :)

This beats my scary chuckle. Jayden's 1st. Aunty Doris made a book of her own quotes for him. Talk about humor back in the days, priceless.

Man I understand the power of facebook. It makes you miss ur friends more, it gets you in trouble, it naturally bitches about others, it also helps you get connected at the same time. But most of all is the missin bit. I miss me poyples!!!!

This blows major jobs man. All the girls and cliff gathering in Seattle, without me! Unfair! But u girls do look pretty tho including cliff. hehe..kangen choy-choys.

I can't wait to gather. But we're all like scattered here and there. Some in Bali,the rest in bangkok. Gimana dong? Settle for a place peeps. If not i'll just visit them next year aja. Tix are fixed for New years. ahhhh.

Ok i'm going to work now. The more pics i see on Deytas fb, the more i miss them monkeys.

peach out for now.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The week slipped on me.

This weeks a butterfly.
I thought yesterday was Monday. (Yesterday was Wednesday)
And today's Thursday, close to Friday. :)

Well I went for a PUMA sale on Tues. I bought shoes, bags, shirts,and I'm so glad i got this indie-elephant sweater. Size L, but who gives really?

Pretty Les Elephant really is comfortable to wear.

John's friend gave us an annual planner. More like an organizer in chart form where you can erase, slot in, erase again the stuff that you planned for the year throughout. I think its sweet, i can't wait to organize my planning. It's like a bigger picture, rather than just focusing on month by month. I will start that on the 27th Monday.

Will my lovely weekend go to waste?

I'm just wondering, what to do this weekend?
It feels like time has slipped so fast down the calendar and its already SAT n SUN to plan out.

I didn't get enough time to plan properly. I do know Hennessy Artistry @ Bukit Kiara's on the menu. Since i adored my v.s.o.p last year, I know for a fact that i'll live life to the full this Sat.

But how about Sunday? I'm tempted to raid Massimo Dutti again. Perhaps i should just beat it and save till the pay kachings? Yep, kaching.

Honestly, people tell me that i want many things. Who gives, wanting is healthy. Gives you hope to live a certain lifestyle, to live up to standards you set for yourself.

This week, my super WANTS go to the basic minimal:

Brick. Stairs. Frames.

Cute wind chime.

Spacious whites.

A dining hall like this to eat in

ANother dining hall alternative to eat in

Corner filled with kiddy pillows

A place to watch weeds, californication, and Travel n Living :)

Wine bottles for Joe and Mur. Gnarly Head.

Last but not least, a kintamani puppy or any kampung or pedigree pups.

Tonight's plans?

Checking out Cloths and Clef's ONE year anniversary

Anyways, now i'm gonna go light up my death stick and contribute to pollution.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jakarta in Order

Went back home for the weekend. It was fast paced and there was a wedding. But lets just start off with it treat by treat.



Buddha bar is the ultimate bachelor pad to dress-up for. The whole local Indonesian scene belongs there. The place is filled with exotic beauties, celebs, models. It's just truly pleasurable for expats and locals. Although it is practically a club, you can still manage the relaxation. Really. There's something about the place, it gives really great sexy-sensual-silly vibes. Reminds me of those fancy cigar bars where everyones dolled up in suits and gowns busy blowing their Monte Cristo's as they make heavy conversation.The interior is Asian meets western. You got the hanging chandeliers and a very woody atmosphere gives it that mysterious effect. It's like you're clubbing in a temple (no offense to the religious ones). I know, what seems wrong always feels right. Well not like they took over a temple or anything, more of a colonial building. That makes it super cool. They did receive major complaints from their buddhist neighbors, but oh well the "Buddha" head symbol is infact universal. It sells, it gives off the eclectic effect. Expats dig it, which is why Buddha Bar is doing very well for Jakarta. It's the perfect late-night venture, the crowd's interesting, the place is unique, and the balance is there. Went there two nights in a row and did not regret it, music was good. DJ Ravin was spinning his buddha bar beats and i swear it was marvellous.Grungy-classy is the new way to go peeps. And to you neighbors, i suggest you hop on the buggy and spy your ass off.
They have a buggy service to take you from the carpark to the lobby of Buddha bar. And vice versa. Can u imagine how pampering that is? It is helpful for girls with nine inch nails though.

Crimson red-heads

Different types of Buddha heads, as u can see

Yeah we danced. Just like them dusty times.

Krispycake and I. haha I didn't take pics of our short "thriller" moments.

Check out the resto. Pardon the darkness..they didn't shine the light on Buddha. But yeah thats the fine dining bit, right above the Buddha Bar below. Its magnificent man.

If i loved cigars, i'd puff up here and feel like the King of the world. With my tea of course. Cigarettes just don't slice it.

In the buggy of course. hehe.

Then there's my worn down room that Klaud has conquered. We're planning to hack down the walls so it will appear bigger. Dont know if it will affect the weight or what not.



Don and Putput


on a beautiful SUNDAY. Teddy and Sinda's afternoon reception in their backyard.

The traditional bride



Bride and Groom say hello

By the way, just for adders. I bought a chalk board and i am loving it.
Gonna get one more for the kitchen. write my recipes and shit. :p

And it's a wrap.