Sunday, July 05, 2009

Jakarta in Order

Went back home for the weekend. It was fast paced and there was a wedding. But lets just start off with it treat by treat.



Buddha bar is the ultimate bachelor pad to dress-up for. The whole local Indonesian scene belongs there. The place is filled with exotic beauties, celebs, models. It's just truly pleasurable for expats and locals. Although it is practically a club, you can still manage the relaxation. Really. There's something about the place, it gives really great sexy-sensual-silly vibes. Reminds me of those fancy cigar bars where everyones dolled up in suits and gowns busy blowing their Monte Cristo's as they make heavy conversation.The interior is Asian meets western. You got the hanging chandeliers and a very woody atmosphere gives it that mysterious effect. It's like you're clubbing in a temple (no offense to the religious ones). I know, what seems wrong always feels right. Well not like they took over a temple or anything, more of a colonial building. That makes it super cool. They did receive major complaints from their buddhist neighbors, but oh well the "Buddha" head symbol is infact universal. It sells, it gives off the eclectic effect. Expats dig it, which is why Buddha Bar is doing very well for Jakarta. It's the perfect late-night venture, the crowd's interesting, the place is unique, and the balance is there. Went there two nights in a row and did not regret it, music was good. DJ Ravin was spinning his buddha bar beats and i swear it was marvellous.Grungy-classy is the new way to go peeps. And to you neighbors, i suggest you hop on the buggy and spy your ass off.
They have a buggy service to take you from the carpark to the lobby of Buddha bar. And vice versa. Can u imagine how pampering that is? It is helpful for girls with nine inch nails though.

Crimson red-heads

Different types of Buddha heads, as u can see

Yeah we danced. Just like them dusty times.

Krispycake and I. haha I didn't take pics of our short "thriller" moments.

Check out the resto. Pardon the darkness..they didn't shine the light on Buddha. But yeah thats the fine dining bit, right above the Buddha Bar below. Its magnificent man.

If i loved cigars, i'd puff up here and feel like the King of the world. With my tea of course. Cigarettes just don't slice it.

In the buggy of course. hehe.

Then there's my worn down room that Klaud has conquered. We're planning to hack down the walls so it will appear bigger. Dont know if it will affect the weight or what not.



Don and Putput


on a beautiful SUNDAY. Teddy and Sinda's afternoon reception in their backyard.

The traditional bride



Bride and Groom say hello

By the way, just for adders. I bought a chalk board and i am loving it.
Gonna get one more for the kitchen. write my recipes and shit. :p

And it's a wrap.