Wednesday, September 28, 2005

drenched, drained, dead..

Dear you,
im so bored now...its my 2 month thing with jeremy today/yesterday. ngk tau ah....27th for me is 26th for him. So now that its the 28th, its the 27th for him. Never thot i would have passed a month really. Man im so stressed out, just did my pr exam yesterday, it was pretty tough, i ddin't really study for it, i ended up playing monopoly for the entire night with friends. Monopoly is addictive, thats when the money comes rolling in constantly. Ahh but at least i finished my organizational behaviour exam, thats all done. Now i have the new economy essay to finish. I'm only halfway...its due next week anyway. Schools been good, i feel i've been working harder compared to the last three sems. I dont know why, mebe cuz ive got awesome lecturers this sem, they're cool, especially writing for mass media. man the story he told us was devastating, nearly made me cry. Shit. But i still need to motivate myself when it comes to exams..i have to study in advance and stuff. Damn i dont like my sleeping pattern. I only take naps..and my naps are longer than my sleeping hours. I duno....its just not healthy.
ahh im tired blogg....gonna leave you....

Sunday, September 11, 2005

s'der som'in wrong with me..

Dear blogster,

Am i a heartless person? That i dunt know. People tell me that i dont express myself fully and that i am so insensitive towards people's feelings. It's really making me think. Ahhh i'm actually thinking loads these days, all cuza jem. He keeps questioning me and it leaves me thinking in order to answer his answers. So yeah i've been exercising my mind quite regularly these past few weeks. No wonder im so stressed out. haha..nah i just panic when it comes to exams. Im suppose to study for my business law exam at least 3 days before the day i sit for it. But fuck...whenever im studying, i'll always get a phonecall, n those phonecalls i get will always be invites. They say its not gonna take long and so i go...i takes long..i come home late...and for all you've got no time to study but you desperately need time to sleep. Anyways i went clubn on friday was fun..i admit. But i wish jem was there to grind with me. haha. I danced with this geek cuz damien dared me to dance with him and so i did....i taught him how to move to the rhythm and i guess he was happy enuf. hehe..i felt good about what i did. I mean cmon ppl were dissin him, even his fuckin friends man! I wanted to kill em good...and i did a great job actually. hehe. I just hate it when ppl mistreat other ppl who they feel are inferior to em. It's so chauvinistic. Ahhh dude...i miss my waiting to hang out with him i wont have to go thru all da trouble just missin him. I dunt know why but everytime he reads something about me or finds out something about me, it's always the wrong things. Then he'll take it in a negative way. haha. Then he starts interrogating me about my past and about what i do...and why i did it, and what happend..shit like that..and tells me how he feels about it. He thinks too much.....he really does. But i think we've exchanged a lil bit of something, im starting to think more, and i hope he's a little more relaxed. I hope he's more immune to me by now. But he's done nothing wrong in this relationship except ask questions. haha that nosey parker. Well oh well today, i didn't really do much..just went to KLCC to get my business law textbook so i can study and ace my test..haha naw double doubts on that. hmm...trus went to bangsar REd chamber to chill, but got disappointed cuz Red chambers now called D' Haven. I mean what the fuck dude,t hats our shisha plc. Our chillin spot. Now its ruined. A new owner took over, that creep. The managements goin down man. the interior sux..its boring. the walls are white, not red anymore! depressing. Fuck, im so tired all of a sudden, i definitely have no energy to study. Looks like i have to absorb all the crap tomowo. x( I wanna beat that bitch bad. Competition is motivation. Yep yep...das true.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

a big realization..

Dear you,
haha tonight was a funny night. i would call it strangely fun. okay whatever dude. Anyways i chilled at joyce and thims...zul came over and haha he pissed me off cuz i was too lazy to ask thim to get off the comp so i asked him to do it and he refused. so i threatened to pour water all over him. He prolly thought i wouldn't have the guts do. I did anyways..poured the whole cup, got him all wet...his face..his black shirt...nearly everything. haha. Then he still lstood there like som euseless piece of log, so this time i threatened to pour the cup of coke on him..he refused again, and so i poured the coke on him. haha..then it led to a pillow fight..or a bolster fight....then i started to use whatever goods were lying around next to me..and i rolled the newspaper up and started whacking the shit outta him. haha he's such a lil pussy man. i swear. That's when i realized that i'm pretty violent, i mean after the guling thing with Jem..that made me think. violent man. I should stop it. i should be all sweet and fuck that shit. i'm gonna be myself and myself is this. i dont like to be bullied...or challenged...and so i go over the limits just to get what i want. a violent bitch. i have to stop. haha.....
Well anyways i haven't completed my essay yet...ahh males lah..its due next month anyways. isssh....anyways i've got skuuuu tomoroz...gonna sleeeeeeeepppppp and hopefully have an awesome dream.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

life can be sickening, so you have to be sickening to make ur life oh so not sickening.

Anyways, it was a weird day today. Myf riends came over and i had to cook em some spaghetti and salad. my famous salads. haha i know. yeah spag was fuckd up man...didn't have any meat on it...thats what sux cuz what is a spag without its meat? its called a useless spag...a vegetarian spag. But to me it tasted quite good actually, cuz of all da parmesan and cheddar cheese i sprinkled around it. Plus the sauce was awesome too. And my salad was to die for. well all vegetarian lovers would love it! I ain't no vegetarian doug. I was for a month, respect teh effort. but i love vege just as much as i love meat. My fav type of meat is Beef and it goes well with my heineken. Thats the way i eat, i eat like a man baby. I dont like classy things, hiro made me realize that i am NOT even close to a classy person at all. I like the ghetto stuff, dirtty road side shit that fulfills ur tummy, stuff that are so dirty and messy that they taste so fuckin good. Im dirrttty. hehe oooh. okay ive gotten so lame, maybe cuz ive been chillin with jem jem too much, he's the king of being gay. All his names for me suck ass. Like krytapoo..godzilla, krystilla? what the fuck gee...he's gay. yeah you heard me..ur just pure gayness beb. :D's been but it gets weirder by the day, maybe its cuz i get weirder by the day. Ahh i miss my best friends man..can't wait till dec. We will reunite and do some special upacara under the xmas tree of CITOS. haha i dunt know why..everytime its christmas time in citos, the xmas tree is like our landmark, a landmark of friendship, happy and retarded moments, and etcetera. Oh fuck, i have an essay due on the 7th of October, and i wanna outbeat this nerd i know to piss her off..and so i will do it mebe tomoro if i have free time, of which i always do. yes yes i'll do it tomoro! yay im so excited. just that when ppl are so annoying, they sicken me, and when they sicken me, it just makes me wanna do something about it to sicken them. And thats what im gonna do baby. :P Man jem always attacks me with his annoying questions...and it leaves me to answer it. His questions are a bitch. He knows it himself...but what to do..he keeps asking and asking and asking. haha...anyways it was a lovely night...i'm some unfinished business to keep up with. mwah mwahs...