Sunday, September 04, 2005

life can be sickening, so you have to be sickening to make ur life oh so not sickening.

Anyways, it was a weird day today. Myf riends came over and i had to cook em some spaghetti and salad. my famous salads. haha i know. yeah spag was fuckd up man...didn't have any meat on it...thats what sux cuz what is a spag without its meat? its called a useless spag...a vegetarian spag. But to me it tasted quite good actually, cuz of all da parmesan and cheddar cheese i sprinkled around it. Plus the sauce was awesome too. And my salad was to die for. well all vegetarian lovers would love it! I ain't no vegetarian doug. I was for a month, respect teh effort. but i love vege just as much as i love meat. My fav type of meat is Beef and it goes well with my heineken. Thats the way i eat, i eat like a man baby. I dont like classy things, hiro made me realize that i am NOT even close to a classy person at all. I like the ghetto stuff, dirtty road side shit that fulfills ur tummy, stuff that are so dirty and messy that they taste so fuckin good. Im dirrttty. hehe oooh. okay ive gotten so lame, maybe cuz ive been chillin with jem jem too much, he's the king of being gay. All his names for me suck ass. Like krytapoo..godzilla, krystilla? what the fuck gee...he's gay. yeah you heard me..ur just pure gayness beb. :D's been but it gets weirder by the day, maybe its cuz i get weirder by the day. Ahh i miss my best friends man..can't wait till dec. We will reunite and do some special upacara under the xmas tree of CITOS. haha i dunt know why..everytime its christmas time in citos, the xmas tree is like our landmark, a landmark of friendship, happy and retarded moments, and etcetera. Oh fuck, i have an essay due on the 7th of October, and i wanna outbeat this nerd i know to piss her off..and so i will do it mebe tomoro if i have free time, of which i always do. yes yes i'll do it tomoro! yay im so excited. just that when ppl are so annoying, they sicken me, and when they sicken me, it just makes me wanna do something about it to sicken them. And thats what im gonna do baby. :P Man jem always attacks me with his annoying questions...and it leaves me to answer it. His questions are a bitch. He knows it himself...but what to do..he keeps asking and asking and asking. haha...anyways it was a lovely night...i'm some unfinished business to keep up with. mwah mwahs...

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