Tuesday, June 12, 2007

ms. jolie

Early mornings spent facing a computer are really not that fascinating.

Everyday i just sit, look around, go to the pantry for my awakening drags, eat me breakfast, and come back to warm up a seat that is still infact warm.

I don't know maybe i'm not cut out for the workplace, maybe i'm not cut out to be locked up in a working environment. Everything is still and the people are always routinely busy, everyone just remains stationary. Perhaps im a newbie here so it gives me the right to complain, but honestly speaking, i do not like the 9-6 hour.

I dont know it depends, when they give me things to do then i feel content. If they don't give me things to do, i sit around like some dope waiting for assignments. It really is that boring that it has to resort to me asking for work to do. Normally, i just escape from work. But this time, i'm being graded for performance. There's a freakin evaluation form of which the superiors will fill out, in there it states my working performance and ability to communicate with clients and the other employees in euro.

There's like this contract and if i fuck it up, i guess my grades are fucked then i guess it will leave a dirty stain in my academic record. And i do not want that do i? Of course not! Fuck i need to buy Incubus' latest album but i keep forgetting and i keep going home tired after work and i dont know just dont feel like going shopping.

Anyways two days back we abducted a kitten from mamak MOSIN. At first i strongly disapproved because i personally hate cats and how they are so unpredictable. Just scares the shit out of me. So normally when we leave cats outside or let it go it does not bother to come back. This cat's different, it freakin came back to us and slept in a shoe box right infront of the porch. It's really cute, its personality is amazing. I've never met a cat like that ever. I named it Jolie because it reminds me of angelina jolie, it has that look, that mysterious psycho beauty look. It's better looking than angelina though. The way it fishes for attention is odd, it freakin pole dances around your calves and if you dont look at it, it'll just sit down and look up at you innocently. HOw fuckin cute is that? And once you feed it, it stops meowing, and when no ones around it sleeps like a pig.
I don't know,i'm starting to get used to these exotic creatures. Im a pro with dogs,but cats? hmm..i have yet to learn.

I'm actually looking forward to buying a collar with a tiny bell for it. You know what i feel like going home. I think i will after the internship, it ends on the 20th of July. So i'll try to make it for a few days or so. Just wanna be home with mum and sisters.

Anyways, i'm over with bloggin