Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's start starting

It's been pretty long since I've written.
Somehow, by watching Travel and Living and the Asian Food Channel, I found my way to opening this blank page and typing words in it. :)

haha. It's been a while since I've seriously thought of things and put them into written perception. It's been a while since I've come out of this lazy shell of mine.
My life has been good I have to say. Mum's in town, sister's in town, life's slowly drilling in for me and I'm glad that I have time for myself to think, space out, cut down on alcohol, and just plan my life slowly by slowly-day by day. I don't have anything else to worry about right? Except not being able to live these things.

Recently, I've been a little negative with myself, I don't know why. Perhaps its my reaction to the moods of others, perhaps its my daily routine, perhaps its ROUTINE in general. And I figured, it should be changed asap.
Routines are bad, especially for people like me, once you linger in it long enough, you get trapped in these lazy clouds, then you get lost and confused. Enough of that, I can't stand being tangled. I need to detach myself from all the negative auras around me.

So fug all that, I'm tired and done with all these stupid routines. I need to think of what I want to do and what i'm willing to do about my future. Just checked potential career stuff I'm into, I will definitely give them a shot! :D

Other than career goals that are in the process of being set. I need to find ways to feel more at home or more at ease in this home of mine. My rooms under reno right now, the tukangs came in the morning and woke me up with all the hacking. So that's good, my own time to decorate and furnish my new room! Yay, so excited just thinking about it.


-cook like a chef (must try!)
-visit the museum
-throw a cook-out at Mur's place or mine
-eat in menteng area more often (there's still nasi uduk, soto, and etc to try)
-try out seribu rasa
-ride a bike, get a bike (not the fixified ones, the old-school ones secured with baskets)
-Start reading a good book again
-get into my dvd moments again, just absorb and enjoy the heavy-dialogued films
-make travelling plans (research baby!)
-start furniture hunting for new room! :p
-open up more

Ok goodnight, it's getting late. Another must do is GET SOME REST!
cheerio :D