Monday, November 26, 2007

i miss.

Hey you,
long time no see.

My days have been alright. What spiced up my life was the exhibition match that happened a few days back. It was federer against pete sampras. God, it was a beautiful game, it was great to watch it live rather than through the tv screen. It was reality infront of your eyes i tell you.
I miss mbok jamu and krispo. God, i dont know how i'll ever live life without having friends like them. Here i am, busy with life here. There they are, living it up someplace else. But when we meet, the retardation comes up. That's waht i can't live without. Life here is sad.

My cat ranaway, the cutest thing ever decided to pack its balls and leave for perhaps some notorious gang or some hot furry feline. I miss him so. I just dont knwo how to get to him. He's off the grounds, away from this place, perhaps far far away in neverland. I have no idea. i will search the streets of the night and day until i find this furry ass.

I miss home. I miss mummy. I miss my sisters.
missing a shizload of peeps right now.
bellio signing off.