Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To all the chinese barbie's out there

It amuses me to find that some people are so plastic, fake in and out man. Now how did you end up so alien? Shit. How could they lie about their lifestyle, face, and brands? How could they insult their parents by being absolute lying maniacs. I swear that whole hilton craze and all those blondie's have really affected Malaysian women on a whole pizza pie. Here you see chinese girls with long blonde hair, branded items, and hideous designer clothes that are a stepback of a label too old. That's sadder than dying, well to me it is. I ain't perfect shit. I just don't get it, why all these women would suffocate every inch of pain, bleach, and fakeness to be beautiful when really they LOOK beautiful with just casual jeans and a shirt. I mean i dig tank tops and short pants or jeans. I dig summer dresses. But what i dont dig is butt hugging-crack showing mini shorts with horrible cleavage disasters.

People are always aiming to be the best. But since when did the best mean imitating those American highschool films with bimboistic cheerleaders, dumb blonde stereotypes, and such? Girls here love it. And that is why i'm complaining, cuz they ain't white and no matter how much they try, ASIAN is the word.
No, blonde hair is not bad, if you look good with a shaved set or short hair, i guess you can pull off the word EDGE. But either way, it just ain't nice. Like you come home with platinum hair and your parents will be like "Holy shit, you ain't white, you chinese" Or perhaps I slide more to the conventional. Hey I dyed my hair, but I wouldn't go platinum, the most i'll go is what a dark chestnut red?
These girls are bleaching themselves overall. They are bleaching their characters, lifestyle, looks, dogs, clothes, food, and what do you get in the end? You end up looking EVEN MORE chinese girls.

So hard to find originality in women these days. You club, then you see a buncha weirdos with combat boots making their way through puddles of mud and craters. On top of that, you realize that KL isn't what it used to be like. It's not filled with the humble and honest. It's just filled with like all these people fighting for fame, fighting for the limelight. Like dude, who cares? Don't you just care about what barsonics gonna play or some shit? Or the long island tea you're gonna get boozed by? Or your friends personal issues? People have long forgotten the importance of having fun. Now its like I go to zouk to look hot and be seen and heard. WTFever mang. I am drooling tears just mentioning. Okay perhaps drooling tears inside. Man it is quite sad? There's a difference between wanting to feel hot and sexy once in a while, but heck don't just walk around parading in 'I'm still hotter, omg he's staring at me..ew he's a stalker" Dude, i heard that when i was lining up. And that dude wasn't staring at you or any of your mates. He was just being a usual dick, yknow looking at your racks, then after that scanning the entire club for more racks? Don't get all "im the shit!". Ahhh. funny shit. How can one compliment themselves on someone of which they are a stranger to's actions? Only he knows if he was staring at ya. YOu? You're full of shit. That's all i can say.
I'm in a really pissy mood man. My boiling point must have reached its point.

Fashion. Brands. Lifestyle. That's the life to live. But if you overdo it, it just means you aint living any one of the three. Doesn't matter if you have brands on u, or if you are wearing fashion, or possess the lifestyle of the rich and famous..If you overdo, u end up a FAKE. You must enjoy these three things, not flaunt em. Like when i buy a bag, its cuz i really friggin like the bag, cuz i like the outlook, the edge, the roar in it..and i think it might suit my personality. But i ain't gona compare it to the other mamasitas in terms of price, size, accessories...wahtever. You like the bag, you like the bag. Just don't thrust your shit all ova my face bitch. Then I guess me and alotta other women out there will be cool. I am so glad my parents didn't raise me up this way, didn't spoil me in any manner to lead to being made of plastic instead of muscles, tissue, and skin. I am human. I am laughing in awe to that, because it really does phew me.

The pic of my lounging night out. Enjoyable, rainy, and chuckly.