Thursday, February 26, 2009

duapuluhlima. sounds like some kampung witch.

ola alo.

This morning was a good one. I managed to go grocery shopping lastnight to stock up on salad ingredients and prepared a turkey sandwich for todays craving. The vinegar and french really go well together, ultimate soulmates to my taste buds.

I am going to do another 5x5 list.

1. loves marls
2. wants a dog
3. is still sad that the baby bird she saved was better off not being rescued
4. misses alaska truly-madly-deeply
5. can't smell my Jasmine scented british india aromatic organic candle
6. wants that prada bag
7. wants to bum in a trailer and stop by every city in the states to say ello love
8. missing jakarta city and abuserin
9. feed me a chicago pizza
10.wants to eat camembert cheese with biscuits, while gobbling down a hoe-g not in the mood for mushy affection
12.has been staying away from all mushrooms possible. diarrhoea fools.
13.can't imagine elya's portobello mushrooms looked like chocolate dunkin donuts (insane in the membrane)
14.feels like a film of british humor
15.wondering if jimmy choo designs shoes for the queen of England to gain that status (i think so, perhaps i should design her clothes?)
16. is thinking miu miu, chloe, and flea market style
17. actually enjoys corny pick-up lines. a failure to laugh at.
18. needs to read that fat book she doesnt have time for
19. loves her bloody monologue organizer. tummys upset and it needs to cry
21. gosh. I'm just joshing you. (was it napolean dynamite?)
22. just watched DOGFIGHT off youtube and laughed like a phony-baloney
23.was told that my salads are weirdly creative and much too flamboyant for standardized taste buds (when really, it just looked like Greek salad to me) indeed still LIKING designspongeonline
25. seriously wants to leave KL to wash dishes in europe for a week :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

why so kreji about vals?

Valentine's day. I was actually planning to get me one of those lilacs/tulips/lilies. My three favorite bloomers. They are gorgeous, neat, and they startle my eyes. They just look good in a plain jar. Like I could pluck me one of those and just admire it. Take a look.

breathtaking tulips

LILACS. pretty bloomers.

Lilies. pretty pretty.

If anyone got me one of these flowers? then I have to admit, they have scored a place in creativity. Roses are beautiful and romantic, but it gets boring to just look at it in everyone elses hands.

I think I'm going to get me a tulip or lilac..since i've always been decorating the apartment with lilies. We'll see huh...if they aren't gone for the use of hotel bathrooms or lobbies and shit like that. Hotels are starting to use the unique ones...instead of the old-fashioned roses. They are so out of season, well at least of 2009.

Val's day is the day people buy their girlfriends stuff in exchange for one great night in bed, no? Yeah like some guys tell me "If i buy her this, i'm going to get some!" And judging by the chicks these days, you bet you're going to get some.

Women of today. They look for men and expect to get paid from it through gifts, dinner, and everything. I find them really confused beings. Your parents raised you not to be a LOSER babe. They raised you to be human. So act like one and respect thy pussy. Don't just wander it off to any loaded gun.

I think i'm going to get myself a valentine gift. I am my own valentine, my bf around doesn't count. We're going to celebrate through BEERCAMP, so we have agreed to the terms of not buying shit for each other. Waste of dough and a waste of time to act like romantic fakes. I'm not saying a fancy dinner is wrong, i enjoy the luxury of classiness, but not on just one night when everyones going cuz every other persons going. Cmon that's sad. I dont want to ruffle around the crowd of couples. I just wanna chill out with my friends. ENjoy perhaps.

I think its time to start working. toods.

When the Sun don't shine properly

An organized blogger would blog everyday.
An UNorganized blogger would be called a blooger. And that is me.

Introducing Bali 2008-2009. 2 days of drenched indo rain, the other 2 with the MATAHARI. But it wasn't so much of matahari, it was like a combo of rain droplets and a soft touch of light. Sad ain't it. :(

Had a great time with the gorgeous girls skanking it up
watching them girls have fun while I drag poor dugong along.
Ibu OKA suckling pig
lobster at Jimbaran
Flamingo craze
NIKO beach
Mbargo shaking
BOUNTY's Jungle Juice
Tanah Lot temple
Monkey forest
and just purely amazing food.

I am out to EAT.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Unlock my lock will ya?

Unlock the key to my heart, no?

Many girls, including myself got their hearts unlocked in Lunch Actually's Lock & Key event.

Why was I there?
I was there because I heard about this event from Violet Lim and her PR man David while I was interviewing them for something of a different sort. And so I fell for the fun.

The basic rules: Guys get keys and girls get locks. Guys/girls must not hesitate to find the perfect match to unlock the key to her chastity belt. NOT. Perfect key to the lock more like it. And you must have a minimum of 12 matches before the night bitches at you. Simple as Jack.
There are many parties that do not match up to people's expectations. At first, when I was there, I expected the crowd to be mundane and filled with shy faces. The room proved me wrong, it was happening, crowded, and noisy like a semi-club except they got all that high from drinking just the free-flow of soda and party snacks.

There was a very subtle energy that surrounded the night, many single Chinese girls were parading with personality and bubbly affection. The guys were feeling hot and sexy enough because they were a minority.

However, I feel there's a humongous misconception on LOCK & KEY parties or anything involved with people having to pay to meet other people. These people are not desperados nor are they pathetic. They find that their life has rapidly passed by and here they remain still single and searching for not even the right one, just someone to share the laughter and tears with. A companion for the week, month, be it forever. The issue here is that they are busy working professionals that do not possess the time to pound lines on chicks, talk to friends, or have a social life. Most of them are single and successful individuals that probably have no choice but to put their schedules on hiatus and block their clients for the night just to attend this one event, just so he/she would feel wanted by a person, instead of their work.

After all the running around, I was exhausted but intrigued by the singles out there who still managed to remember more than 12 names of new friends and intermingled from one corner to the other.

I managed to get some facts right from the attendees of the event. Most of them were uncomfortable of revealing their night outs for these events to their relatives or friends because they are merely embarassed of what people think. These individuals spend more time on their desk than going out, they are confident in the office, but once they get to the real world, they have no back-bone of self-confidence or self-esteem. Which is why I think this program is good, it gives them a place of belonging, friends to reconsider, guys/girls to think about when they are busy off at work. I feel that these people do not mind paying RM60 just so that they can bring home memories of fun-filled laughter of shared jokes and conversation. That's my opinion, they aren't just in it for the soulmate search, they are in it to boost their social skills and their lifestyle.

I actually brought a friend along with me. She too is a busy working professional and after all her failed relationships, I figured she needed a breakthrough of fun and excitement. At first, she was giving me grins when we arrived. A few hours later, she was getting her grooves on this pretty good looking guy. And when I witnessed the chemistry between the two and how they they discovered they were working in the same industry, I was so proud of myself for bringing her with me. It felt really HOLLYWOOD to me and no matter how mushy it was, when cliche in movies happen in life, it's as if you're in a dream. It's true. We always say this and that's so cliche in movies, but if these cliche moments hit you, it is much more magnificent compared to your daily dull life.

Anyways I'm going to get cracking on work. Damn, i'm getting a writers block. My mind is slowing down.