Thursday, February 12, 2009

When the Sun don't shine properly

An organized blogger would blog everyday.
An UNorganized blogger would be called a blooger. And that is me.

Introducing Bali 2008-2009. 2 days of drenched indo rain, the other 2 with the MATAHARI. But it wasn't so much of matahari, it was like a combo of rain droplets and a soft touch of light. Sad ain't it. :(

Had a great time with the gorgeous girls skanking it up
watching them girls have fun while I drag poor dugong along.
Ibu OKA suckling pig
lobster at Jimbaran
Flamingo craze
NIKO beach
Mbargo shaking
BOUNTY's Jungle Juice
Tanah Lot temple
Monkey forest
and just purely amazing food.

I am out to EAT.

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