Thursday, February 12, 2009

why so kreji about vals?

Valentine's day. I was actually planning to get me one of those lilacs/tulips/lilies. My three favorite bloomers. They are gorgeous, neat, and they startle my eyes. They just look good in a plain jar. Like I could pluck me one of those and just admire it. Take a look.

breathtaking tulips

LILACS. pretty bloomers.

Lilies. pretty pretty.

If anyone got me one of these flowers? then I have to admit, they have scored a place in creativity. Roses are beautiful and romantic, but it gets boring to just look at it in everyone elses hands.

I think I'm going to get me a tulip or lilac..since i've always been decorating the apartment with lilies. We'll see huh...if they aren't gone for the use of hotel bathrooms or lobbies and shit like that. Hotels are starting to use the unique ones...instead of the old-fashioned roses. They are so out of season, well at least of 2009.

Val's day is the day people buy their girlfriends stuff in exchange for one great night in bed, no? Yeah like some guys tell me "If i buy her this, i'm going to get some!" And judging by the chicks these days, you bet you're going to get some.

Women of today. They look for men and expect to get paid from it through gifts, dinner, and everything. I find them really confused beings. Your parents raised you not to be a LOSER babe. They raised you to be human. So act like one and respect thy pussy. Don't just wander it off to any loaded gun.

I think i'm going to get myself a valentine gift. I am my own valentine, my bf around doesn't count. We're going to celebrate through BEERCAMP, so we have agreed to the terms of not buying shit for each other. Waste of dough and a waste of time to act like romantic fakes. I'm not saying a fancy dinner is wrong, i enjoy the luxury of classiness, but not on just one night when everyones going cuz every other persons going. Cmon that's sad. I dont want to ruffle around the crowd of couples. I just wanna chill out with my friends. ENjoy perhaps.

I think its time to start working. toods.

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