Thursday, February 26, 2009

duapuluhlima. sounds like some kampung witch.

ola alo.

This morning was a good one. I managed to go grocery shopping lastnight to stock up on salad ingredients and prepared a turkey sandwich for todays craving. The vinegar and french really go well together, ultimate soulmates to my taste buds.

I am going to do another 5x5 list.

1. loves marls
2. wants a dog
3. is still sad that the baby bird she saved was better off not being rescued
4. misses alaska truly-madly-deeply
5. can't smell my Jasmine scented british india aromatic organic candle
6. wants that prada bag
7. wants to bum in a trailer and stop by every city in the states to say ello love
8. missing jakarta city and abuserin
9. feed me a chicago pizza
10.wants to eat camembert cheese with biscuits, while gobbling down a hoe-g not in the mood for mushy affection
12.has been staying away from all mushrooms possible. diarrhoea fools.
13.can't imagine elya's portobello mushrooms looked like chocolate dunkin donuts (insane in the membrane)
14.feels like a film of british humor
15.wondering if jimmy choo designs shoes for the queen of England to gain that status (i think so, perhaps i should design her clothes?)
16. is thinking miu miu, chloe, and flea market style
17. actually enjoys corny pick-up lines. a failure to laugh at.
18. needs to read that fat book she doesnt have time for
19. loves her bloody monologue organizer. tummys upset and it needs to cry
21. gosh. I'm just joshing you. (was it napolean dynamite?)
22. just watched DOGFIGHT off youtube and laughed like a phony-baloney
23.was told that my salads are weirdly creative and much too flamboyant for standardized taste buds (when really, it just looked like Greek salad to me) indeed still LIKING designspongeonline
25. seriously wants to leave KL to wash dishes in europe for a week :)

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