Friday, December 01, 2006

psycho bitch

Light....i'm starting to enjoy the sight of it these days. Makes me feel so fresh...yknow that feeling. I had a scary dream lastnight, i was dreaming about this psycho lesbi around her 30's and she tried to kill my friends and we were in this creepy worn down classroom. I was so freaked out because she came up to me in my dream and asked me to kill my friends because she threatened to kill me. So she gave me this huge ass butcher knife and asked me to chop my friends up to pieces. She was sick. The weird thing was that there were 30 people being kidnapped by her, a few guys and a buncha girls but none of us took enough guts to put her down or kill her. In the end, she leads us to this garden where two of my friends were buried and told us to kill ourselves or else she'd razor us to bits. In the end, i woke up and had a horrible headache. Up till now, i have a feeling that she still exists. I dont know whether i'll experience that type of thing one day, but its freaking the shit out of me. She's so sick i feel like killing her already. But where is she? I recognize her face still. One day when i meet her, i'ma call the cops. ah. Scary shit really.
Aw shit..gotta go christmas shopping, buy my besties stuff that they want. That's hard..i dont know what they like! I dont want to buy them something they wont use, i wanna buy them some thing they WILL use. Im not really that good with gifts, i just get the standard presents. I dont waste too much effort becuz i dont know how to concentrate on good gift wrapping and good choices of gifts. i'm real bad at it. But whatever, its the thought that counts right? Well i know people say that alot but sometimes gifts do matter and to them thoughts don't count.
i feel like shit now, a combo of flu, a sore throat, and a slight cough. Shit i took two panadols and it wiped the shit outta me, now i'm so fuckin blur, i can't even talk properly or do things right.
GOtta GO.