Monday, June 19, 2006

murs comin soooonn

Jakartas been kinda boring lately. I'm waiting for my friends to come down from KL, so thats when working in the office begins. I need to rest....but i haven't been resting that well....i'm tired. hm...i wanna do something cool with my friends, not clubbing if possible, not getting tipsy or drunk if possible, perhaps we can eat some good food together and start laughing about old times. Old times, how i miss it. Really really do. I watched "she's the man" at home, haha its kinda funny surprisingly, the guy Duke's so fuckin hot, like shit...fuckin hot. Thats the only guy me and my sisters agree with...just fuckin hot. haha....i'm in love with trans now.....not the hyperactive ones, just the ones that ease my mind, the ones that make you feel comfortable in life, more like what they play in the lounge. Yknow what's so fuckin wrong? i beat my sister in pool and i won a black label bottle and a lil bita money from q, holy shit dude....i was fuckin lucky! haha..i felt bad tho..i didn't deserve it fuckin bad in placing and i duno...its hard to focus ur mind to it. i wanna learn how to play golf, hehe.....going to the driving range sometime this week hopefully...if i have time. I'll be working my ass off, so i'm trying to enjoy and get some fresh air before they arrive. ah..shit. Murs comin in two days, i cant wait...she helps me out without even saying anything, just her presence makes me feel comfortable and in place. Makes me feel like i can just be happy all the time without stressing myself out. I'm quite stressed out actually, none of my best friends are here, so i dont really have anyone to turn to about my personal problems. But its nothing big, i just sound dramatic. So before i turn into a drama queen lets just change the subject. There's a company rave i'm goin to this july in singapura, not really looking forward to it in a least im bringing klauds with me....she's a better sister than my youngest sis. My youngest sis is going thru the stage where she loves friends and ignores family, i've been thru that, but i wasn't that much of a bad ass. I didn't smoke. haha. plan for this week? Unpredictable.
very unpredictable. :D
K im back and i can't fuckin sleep. fuck...i'm getting so moody these days....pms season is over....nothings bothering me except my thoughts. i hate em, they are evil, shit. There's something i wish to challenge in work by this month, but my instincts tell me that no matter how hard i work, i might not achieve it! Hmm..i hat ethis feeling, the feeling of failing without failing just yet. I wish i wasn't so tied down. I need someone to cheer me up, where's everyone when i need em. I wonder why im stressing myself out? dude....there's something wrong with me...i need some hot chocolate to warm me up, to help my mind relax, cuz its been thinking alot. I've been dreaming alot lately...i dreamt that madonna was giving me piano lessons. what the fuck is that yknow? So weird.
Ok ok..i needa break.
im gonna get some fresh air.