Saturday, March 31, 2007

the peace is all tha tmattesr

Todays a great day for me, i'm sitting down at starbux and im observing people. I dont remember when was the lastime i had this much time to do this shit. I liek being alone these days, it just gives me so much space to do whatever it is i wanna do. im going to eat seafood soon and hell yeah i can't wait to smash the crab and feast on its meat. hehe. Anyways i like seafood, its like an improper way of dining and its all outdoors and shit and you got that beer going. Nice huh? I'm just at a happy state now, i feel like i have all the freedom and i like it that way..i dont know i just do.
Im in bangsar village 2, i love it here when its raining, the weather really makes the place cozy. I would love my girlfriends to join me, but im enjoying this part alone to myself. Only to myself. I dont know why i came here, the car just led me here. I turned down invites to come here and get some peace.
anyways times up, gotta go eat my seafood dinner and perhaps a beer will do. Lovely. it's been a long time between me and a carls.

Monday, March 26, 2007

a single slice

Hey bloggy bloggggg,
i've been so fuckin busy, its tough to explain. Will need to elaborate all that shit in about three pages or so. I'm currently in my mid terms so everythings half done, at least i feel that we're halfway through. That's cool. I have no time for parties and no time to live it up in all the fun. I used to be able to neglect studies, but now, it's so easy for me to neglect going out to nightclubs. I feel we should only go when we should really go. There's this video production thing and its really stingin me in my arse about how to work on it. its a group work but final cut pro is not my thing. Computers in general are not my thing. They hate me and well i wish i could love them more than i do right now. I've been cutting down on everything, like seriously, the drinking dont matter no more, the drunkness is out of me, i'm no longer drunk or even half drunk. I haven't been drunk for around half a year? Tipsy..yeah the lastime was in bali..but now when i drink, i dont have to force myself to the limits. My body just naturally rejects the alcohol or just tells me enuf is enuf. So i bodys not used to all such contents...which is bloody good for me. Fuckk..i miss ishtine and murtito..they are like so precious to me. I feel like muddy crap here just cuz they ain't around to talk to me or make me laugh. Its better havin them than a boyfriend. They make me feel alotttt better. Well there's this really cute guy and i know im not supposed to be into anyone right now, but this dude, he's cool..i find it hot that he's shy and quiet. There's like some seriousness in him that i find sexy. Makes me wanna get to know him more. Let me describe him, he's tall, shaved head, nice built, not like fucking good looking, but he's just so attractive. Oh well..i guess i'll lay off all that guy thing for a matter how nice or great they are. Shit. I find myself so lost these i thought it was thursday today but it was friggin MONDAY mate! Like how the fuck did that happen? Shit man...i just need my musketeers to come save me from stressed out me. Anyways, i was suppose to go to adelaide to jumpa Dan but i guess we're just not fated to meet. He was so sweet though, to send me money to buy tix. I wouldve paid for myself just that my schedules so fuckin tight but he still insisted. One day i'll visit him, i promise. Haven't seen him in about 2 years plus plus. Time for me to. I miss him in a way that friends miss each other. Who knows we might reunite again? I dont know still thinking about long dis relationships..dont work for me. I dont wanna add probs to both well realistically, i'm going to just stop all the thinking and just be on my own. I dont need anyone right now to be selfish with me, or argue with me, or seek attention from me, basically, all that relationship crap is so not appropriate right now. I'll stay single for as long as i can and i hope..during this single phase..i will enjoy whatever there is for me to enjoy. I hope i'll enjoy my job, i hope i'll enjoy my friends.
anyways gotta bounce now. time for some editing.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

cheeryy belly

Hey blogger,

soz..been sick for the past week, horrible fever. It was really a high fever man...the sucky thing about this sick journey i've gone through is that the first hospital i went to was suppose to be one of the best, i guess i was wrong. I asked the doc..what can i eat and what can i not eat? He said.."my dear, you can eat everything?" and i asked "even fried chicken?"..he said "go treat urself to it, no problem and you dont need a blood test either". What do i know..when i woke up the next day, my temperature boiled to like 39 degrees and that was bad..i couldn't really think properly, icouldn't look at an object properly. I couldn't focus. So yeah i was suffering. So i went to gleneagles and singh helped me out...gave me a needle poke and good now. My blood test was pretty close to the results of dengue fever..but thank god man...i would hate to be admitted again. Anyways i feel great now, i have recovered from all that heat and shit..haha and yeah i can go to college again like a real student. ohlala.
hmm...i miss mur and krispo. gosh..if only we weren't apart..that would be so cool. Then i would know what to do everyday, then i would know who i have everyday.
anyways times up for me...i gotta go do some unfinished article review. wish me luck. its about ethiopia and starbux. hehe..mwah,.
-cherry bellleee..hehe