Saturday, March 31, 2007

the peace is all tha tmattesr

Todays a great day for me, i'm sitting down at starbux and im observing people. I dont remember when was the lastime i had this much time to do this shit. I liek being alone these days, it just gives me so much space to do whatever it is i wanna do. im going to eat seafood soon and hell yeah i can't wait to smash the crab and feast on its meat. hehe. Anyways i like seafood, its like an improper way of dining and its all outdoors and shit and you got that beer going. Nice huh? I'm just at a happy state now, i feel like i have all the freedom and i like it that way..i dont know i just do.
Im in bangsar village 2, i love it here when its raining, the weather really makes the place cozy. I would love my girlfriends to join me, but im enjoying this part alone to myself. Only to myself. I dont know why i came here, the car just led me here. I turned down invites to come here and get some peace.
anyways times up, gotta go eat my seafood dinner and perhaps a beer will do. Lovely. it's been a long time between me and a carls.

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