Saturday, December 09, 2006

happy happy joy joy

Damn, the year 2006 is ending so soon. I was just writing all my new year resolutions and bam...the years over and i have to write what i want to achieve next year. SHIT. haha you know i was just wondering why someone gave us life and what is the whole point of life. Like when ants i kill die, where do they go? When people die, where do they go? Do they just rot not knowing that they've left their loved ones? Or maybe we're an experiment, but the question is, who's experimenting with us? And who is experimenting the people that are experimenting with us? If there was a creator of life, who is it and who created him? Things happen for a reason, so if there really was a GOD, he should show himself right now, he should just pop up and prove to us. I dont know man i was on the way home today and i was passing this highway and the scene was deadly man. There was this body on the road covered by a black plastic bag and shit...blood was draining out to the road like tree roots spreading out the ground. My tyres rolled over the blood, imagine that, it's gross but i felt so god damn sorry. Then got me thinking about GOD. Like whats he like? is he cruel or is he kind? Is he irresponsible or is he just leaving us in the dark? Is he crazy or is he rational? I dont know him at all. But why are so many people praying to him for help? I mean does he really help. Sometimes i think he really helps, but maybe the help just dropped by like that due to right timing, it could be psychological of me to think he helped. Ah okay whatever...anyways i'm happy, i'm glad and sooner or later i'll be back in jtown! :D