Thursday, August 27, 2009

the dragger i am

Yknow one of those days when you set a post-it to remind/tell u what to do but you don't end up doing it and u realize you're such a slob by Sunday.

Well this week, I didn't need no post-it. I just suddenly remembered, bothered, to do the one thing i've been dragging on for so long. To service my car.
And I did just that and oh lookie what they gave me in return for servicing, a prebiotic Alla Fonte drink all wrapped up with some other souvenirs. How thoughtful. I was thirsty. And boy the Mandarin Orange Flavour really did grace on my tastebuds nicely. Yumster.
It's thursday, i'm bored in the cube, but it does feel good to have my machine back in action. Now i can plan long back n forth trips or perhaps just drive my day away. I was just thinking of SUVS. And now im wondering why i'm stuck with my sedan. hmm..SUVS are awesome, you can fit people in, shop for ur groceries in bulk, and travel on rocky roads without feeling sorry for the poor guy. Below my car there are scratches, countless numbers of em. It's almost like ART. Damn the shortie really. Anyways I love driving when the roads are empty. And i love the sight of empty parking spots, it just feels like freedom to park at the right spot at the wrong time.

I've been checking out "fuckyeah" tattoos and other tat sites. Some of em are ridiculously dumbo. Only a few deserve the right click "save picture as" effort. These are the cool few I right clicked "save picture as" on.

what a wise owl

this is inkhot.

this girl is awesome hot

spiritually dainty

I won't show the stupid ink blot pics. Incase the poopers threaten to sue me. And i dont want to explain why I dont like it to em cuz they wont get it. And they will probably blame me for saying it looks dumb. And I dont want em to beat me up either, cuz a majority of the f'd up inkblots look like they belong to roided bikers with friggin veins poppin out here and there. U bet im scared. And my daddy's no mafia.
I mean i know i dont have the rights to judge. But when i scrolled thru the hall of shame, i seriously thought it was ridiculous. Like "how in the fuck could you live with that?" type of ridiculous.

Okay i'll shut my trap and move on with my life. ahem.

Man, CHOKE-HyBRID sounds good.Taken from THE SPIRIT movie soundtrack. It's been months and I haven't choked just yet. Still ALLLL GOOOOOD. :D

Man, I can't wait to go home for shower power. And i can't wait to eat like vegetables, fruits, and have a glass of OJ. I feel like cheese too.
BINGING is what i do best, binge here and there till it becomes a full meal.
MMM..yumm..binge, sit back on the couch, and catch Anthony Bourdain in like a third world country lighting his cig or perhaps in Washington DC eating what you call a BURGER. I heart Bourdain's ability to describe just about anything in the most unique way ever. Yeah now i have to get his books. Since i love his language so much.

its time to go now.