Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Post-mamak updates

I've decided to update this blog of mine. No matter how inactive, out of hope, and clogged my mind is, the inspiration somehow is stirring somewhere between the goo. Perhaps it's the chicken tikka and cranberry juice I had at Legends Bar, or perhaps it was the mamak session with elya and kelly.
We were conversing about our parents and their methods or should I say ways. Kelly told me she got smacked and slapped. Elya said he got belted. I said my father did the heavy encyclopedia book tactic where every hour he would add a book on both hands, that was because my sisters and I decided to venture into a little climbing adventure on the balcony. Then I remembered the mosquito bat incident, how he used it as a tool to shock us to our senses. haha. He would shock our toes, and trust me it's quick but hell yeah it shocks! That was a lesson for climbing the balcony for the 2nd time and of course being a rascal.
But it's amazing that as time goes by, those tools slowly vanish into the background of a couch or run out of battery-then you're completely in control like an adult and no longer suffer as a kid. The process of growing up is to get whacked, learn, be rebellious, and get whacked for it till you finally get it. Somehow, we're like naughty pets I feel but that doesn't mean the naughtiness has worn off :)
I actually enjoyed that mamak discussion, which naturally led me to think of Jakarta. The land-the city-the home which raised me, taught me, fed me. How could I not want to return? But then I thought, damn KL and their mamaks, how could I ever leave after-midnight delights such as canai, chapati, hot drinks, and such? Could I leave friendships that i've moulded over the past 6 years for a place i grew up in? Then I realized, KL has become my home, I've created a lifestyle and routine for myself here. To break it, I'm thinking twice. I'm torn in between two cities, so it's seriously a war between nasi padang, road side bakso's and sate padang versus nasi lemak, chinese kopitiams, and banana leaf. hmm...well its not really about food but umm..yeah you get my drift.
If I could find a decent job here in KL, i told myself i'll stay. And If i could find an even better one in Jakarta, I told myself I'd start my life there all over again.
I'm off to bed now. It's a little late, but hey I'm still unemployed :) And all that Christmas Shopping for family, friends, and relatives-they have gotsta happen soon.