Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's all about them triple 'M's aint it?


The Miri Jazz festival took place on the 8-9th May, 2009 and you bet that long weekend of work paid my happy ass off.

It was an awesome weekend of booze, buzz, and blabbering. Just sitting by the day and not bothering about tick-tocks was seventh heaven for me, as compared to having my ass glued in a cube and scrolling through the occasional google, fb, and google all over again, yes this was an absolute twist.

Despite the sun burn i brought back from pulau perhentian, I was happily surviving the heat out in Miri. The beach wasn't to die for but if you just look at it for what it was aligned with pretty palm trees, you're already escaping from the usual city life. So nothing to complain about there. But it was funny how Pascal was telling me that in France they take their beaches real seriously and even offer awards for the cleanest ones around. And then I thought to myself, just look at our bloody government. If there's barely any hope for the people, what more for a space of sand and waves? Ok, lets just scratch that.

Anyhoos the trip itself was very cultural and different for me. I am Malaysian, but I've never been to East Malaysia before and I personally rate it as a magnificent getaway. There's some sort of steady-relaxing-air about it. In the past, it was not cuz I never bothered to pay or book, it's just that the people in my circle prefer to get out of the country. When really, they just missed out on the word AWESOME right there. And here's a bitchy smile to them peeps who never bothered to go :)

Anyways,the chirpy bunch got their handicrafts and special Sarawakian souvenirs. I, on the other hand, bought dream weavers (pua kumbu) for Joe and Mur to help them ward off the bad aura, spirits, and to design sponge their L.A pad. I love getting ornaments and handicrafts for the house. And everywhere I go, a purchase must be made. Think of it as a stain on my time line.

this is how you pack Miri into a suitcase...

I absolutely enjoyed the city tour, making stops to the temple and watching Richard pay his religious dues for WESAK day was so interesting. Richard, is by far the biggest social whore in Malaysia. And I'll bet my ass on it that he ain't just a social magnet in KL, i'm sure he's a Global social whore. It's as if he's got all the continents behind his back there. And Richard, if you're reading this, it's actually a good thing. I am not one to backbitch. By the by, where are all those pics of you camwhoring? I didn't camwhore, i just followed your lead. And my oh my im sure they turned out to be slutty-slutty huh. :D

The temple was cool. They had like oriental tea tables out in the open, perfect for my regular Sunday brunches.


I can't help but relate to Joe's I double quote " " SINGAPOREAN" " joke. It was simple but it really had me there. I tested it on my city pals here and oh boy how they went crazy like a bunch of bitchslaps.

Here goes:

Where? Alfresco Cafe
When? The First night

Joe: Bel, what is the best beer in the world?
Me: Hmm...Heineken? (since i'm holding one)
Joe: Nope!
Me: Tiger beer? (because it's the best to me)
Joe: Close but nope. (impatient to burst out the answer already)
Me: Hoegarden? (already giving up on Joe's joke)
Joe: Nope, close but nope.
Me: Okay dude, i seriously give up man. (waiting for the sadness)
Joe: Its.......(suspense, drums rollin..)..FREE BEER!
Me: (gobsmacked in silence)

And as I was enjoying the first night of the fiesta with my yummy Mojito's, he threw the joke in again.

Joe: Bel, what's the best drink in the world?
Me:Um...mojito? (enjoying my mojito)
Joe: Nope
Me:Iced lemon tea?
Joe:haha nope... free drinks!
Me: whatevs.

I didn't learn.

As it narrowed down to the first day of the Jazz Fest, I just felt really light-headed. Like I just wanted to let the breeze take control, let the music define the night, and of course let the several cups of MOJITO poison my night away. It did. It was a graceful event filled with talented people who really REALLY can't see how brilliant they are on stage. It would be cool to be musically inclined like the band boys. Too bad though cuz I enjoy being a part of the audience too much. :P
Damn, and the second day was just another great night of goodbyes. The last taste you'll ever have of spectacular Jazz and yummy mojitos. Thoughts of going home to the city was one helluva frown. I definitely did not take this journey for granted, I granted it fully instead. :D

the mojito line

The MIRI cup!

Game: French Dites vs Australian alamodes
Score: 3-1

Alamode wins and takes back the invisible trophy. Dites34? Well, they looked happy. :P

Now i'm back here, missing the Miri air. Wishing I got the chance to renew this feeling. And i'm not sure if i'll be attending rainforest fest, seems like the accommodations are pancaked on the list. I think i'm just going to sit back this time. Get myself on track, still feeling a lil too relaxed. Yeah, right now I am airheaded.

Anyways, I will try to concoct my very own mojito mix too with the help of some guinea pigs around town perhaps? Yes, yes.

Cheers to Mojito's peeps, like to real good Mojito's.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crispy lives on 25

25 things about Perhentian Island.

1. First time there
2. Clear crystal-aqua waters (can't see my feet tho, must be body pollution)
3. loved the first night of King fish and garlic butter sauce (to die for)
4. Enjoyed Hennessy vsop by the balcony while shooting to cards
5. Was determined to get a golden tan, ended up with peels and scales here and there
6. Butts still white
7. Souvenir: Perhentian sand stuck to my bali bag
8. They don't sell marlys there. not convenient
9. Played paddle-pop
10.Dug my toes into sand as planned
11.Plunged in the salty water more than 15 times. It beats those enthusiastic tourists.
12. Enjoyed the barbeque-tenggiri fish
13. Just realized i have a thing for seafood.
14. Stoned up everyday
15. There was a really HOT diver. the hell is he from man? he's so bloody hot. crazy.
16. Has regrets about skipping the snorkel-will do for sure the next time around
17. Also regrets on not collecting the pretty corals to decorate bowl
18. Enjoyed the speedboat, it was like a disney ride
19. Didn't enjoy the cheap vodka.
20. Loves Melissa's 'Monkey Juice' theory. The whiskeys actually called 'Orang utan'
21. Didn't bring orang utan home. :(
22. Needs to constantly aloe her skin out, hurts like a bitch
23. Needs to seriously lose weight after the constant food binging
24. Greatest thing: Jumped off the bridge into the ocean. Felt like a cool schwimma. Made up my own double twist. :D
25. Had fun with the girls, does not regret this 4 day getaway. it was worth every ringgit

Stuck in the cube, cotton shirt stinging the pores of my skin. I swear, nobody wants this. But it always happens. I take sunblocks for granted. Never bother, prefer to go for that hawaiian junk tan thing.

Tip: Do not race your skins color. You will end up peeling back into the original chip you once were.