Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crispy lives on 25

25 things about Perhentian Island.

1. First time there
2. Clear crystal-aqua waters (can't see my feet tho, must be body pollution)
3. loved the first night of King fish and garlic butter sauce (to die for)
4. Enjoyed Hennessy vsop by the balcony while shooting to cards
5. Was determined to get a golden tan, ended up with peels and scales here and there
6. Butts still white
7. Souvenir: Perhentian sand stuck to my bali bag
8. They don't sell marlys there. not convenient
9. Played paddle-pop
10.Dug my toes into sand as planned
11.Plunged in the salty water more than 15 times. It beats those enthusiastic tourists.
12. Enjoyed the barbeque-tenggiri fish
13. Just realized i have a thing for seafood.
14. Stoned up everyday
15. There was a really HOT diver. the hell is he from man? he's so bloody hot. crazy.
16. Has regrets about skipping the snorkel-will do for sure the next time around
17. Also regrets on not collecting the pretty corals to decorate bowl
18. Enjoyed the speedboat, it was like a disney ride
19. Didn't enjoy the cheap vodka.
20. Loves Melissa's 'Monkey Juice' theory. The whiskeys actually called 'Orang utan'
21. Didn't bring orang utan home. :(
22. Needs to constantly aloe her skin out, hurts like a bitch
23. Needs to seriously lose weight after the constant food binging
24. Greatest thing: Jumped off the bridge into the ocean. Felt like a cool schwimma. Made up my own double twist. :D
25. Had fun with the girls, does not regret this 4 day getaway. it was worth every ringgit

Stuck in the cube, cotton shirt stinging the pores of my skin. I swear, nobody wants this. But it always happens. I take sunblocks for granted. Never bother, prefer to go for that hawaiian junk tan thing.

Tip: Do not race your skins color. You will end up peeling back into the original chip you once were.

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