Thursday, May 31, 2007

the L WORD.

Im in the cubicle again. I was absent twice this week due to severe migraines and a weak stomach. I have no idea what its called when you combine those two problems. I don't know how it started..i just remember stressing myself out about everything. Just recently, i've picked up a new series for my eyes to scroll on. It's the 'L' first it was all about lesbians fucking. But now its getting pretty intense, its basically about how lesbians live in this world. The scene takes place in LA and a few friends, bisexuals and gays, who have slept and experimented with each other. Its just amazing how they have great sex with the same sex.
Not that i'm interested to venture into this whole lesbian thing. I just think that they are sweet and take things more seriously. In a way, i respect them.
I know for a fact that i'm completely straight, i'm just into guys. They satisfy me. I dont know how to seek affection and pleasure from the same sex. It wouldn't make me feel secure and guarded.
Different people have different mindsets, most lesbos i see running around here are obvious, i mean one will always be the butch and the other will tag along like a bitch. So yeah that sums it up. But there are pairs that are both beautiful and can't tell their fuckin each other. You think they are in a relationship with hot men or something,but no they've actually had enough of them.
Gawd..i miss my mother, i miss her cookin' and her lovin. I feel like going home but there's something stopping me..well besides the internship, i sense there's something greater that's telling me not to go. I just dont wanna go anymore, i feel like being at home, but i dont feel like going to Jakarta. I just want my home. Thats all. I miss my sisters too...damn. Didn't get the chance to hang out with them the last trip they made here..oh well.
Seriously once this whole internship is will be a big relief for me. I just want to rest at home and watch movies. I just want to gather my thoughts before i end my final semester. I just want to relax.
That's just it for now. Its gotta be.
see u.