Monday, June 29, 2009

weekend doodle

before weekend doodle.

Yeah you heard me, the talented freak show who so happens to be the King of our time. The bugger that E! channel has been criticizing for nearly a decade because it generates income and it makes people laugh (including myself). Plus he takes up the top-half of E’s 101 most shocking stories. He usually is the icing of that show too.
One episode about MJ dangling his newborn over the balcony, the other about his heartbreaking plastic nose, his hair blowing up in flames during one of his performances, and his paedophilic intentions of throwing slumber parties in Neverland. After laughing so hard, so much, till it nearly gave me abs by the way, his death really did take a toll on my perception. Not just me, I’m sure.

Everyone’s hogging the radio with lines like “tragic, tragic, really.” And before this they were all like “wtf is up with his nose man, what a freak” or “I ain’t letting my kids near that paedo.” It’s amazing how hypocritical everyone is, I blame it on E! mostly and other forms of media. Because I fell for it too.
The highlight of all E stories is our King of Pop Michael Jackson. Who passed away on Thursday at the age of 50. Apparently he collapsed in his pad, was sent to UCLA medical centre due to a cardiac arrest hence gave in to a coma, and stopped breathing. It’s confirmed alright. But I do think he will be back to give us some “black or white” action. Like the rise of MJ in the year 3000.


1.Face it, he is the King of Pop. He has moonwalked his popularity all over the world and his songs are inspirational.

2. It takes quite a set of balls to dye yourself WHITE! (although it also means super dupa major low self-esteem issues, but oh well, we feel sorry dont we?)

3. That guys been yelled at, screamed at, abused mentally and physically

4. He looks like he hasn't eaten for years

5. He lost his nose years ago

6. He takes up E! Channel's 101

7. Has his bodyguard to umbrella him under the hot sun (incase he melts)

8. Didn't have the chance to make his major comeback

9. Without MJ, you can forget about 'THRILLER, EARTH SONG, BILLIE JEAN, BEAT IT, DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME, SMOOTH CRIMINAL' (there's lots more)

Another tribute to Farah. And it's not tap water 'faucet' peeps.
ps: Here's to Farah Fawcett. She was one of the Charlie's angels. Indeed she was the curly-haired glamour but she was way before my time, but she did represent an era of golden curls, twiggy legs, big smiles, and the all American woman. So may she rest properly and go to heaven. She is an angel after all. :)

WEEKEND 26-28 june

Went to Singapore to check out the great sale with MAMMIO. Figured it wasn't so great, bought something 10% off. And they were STEVE MADDEN sandals. Still a lil pricey but if i bought it anywhere else, it's gonna cost a tsunami. Yeah, thats all i bought. And i was looking for beef stix but they didn't have it. Boo hoo to that.

The highlight of the trip was going back to JB. I miss Jb. Absolutely love how the town makes me feel. Notorious as it may seem, ghetto, dodgy too but always my Mother's hometown. So technically, its my hometown too. I have a lot of childhood memories planted there. In the past, we used to visit Gramps and Grans at the Kebunteh house and go out for family dinners at LUCKY restaurant in Tebrau. Then all the cousins would just gamble with the cards or play badminton outside the garden.There was a routine, thats why I liked visiting. Foods great too, I know Penang is popular with the dishes, but JB does have its awesome food.

I can't wait to go home. I miss my friends, the cafe hopping, the cheap cigs, the clubs, the music, the family, the shoppang.

Of all the things in the world, my mums been bugging me to buy MARMITE back home. I'm just like heh? MARMITE? thats all? And you're pestering me on it like I have to sign some papers. Marmite it is then. I LOVE MARMITE TOO. hehe :D BOVRIL blows. VEGEMITE so-so. boleh-boleh. So lets leave it at that. There are pics but i need to upload em first. too malesh.