Sunday, March 28, 2010

I guess so, I just do

Its been a while since i've written personally.

But I guess the rain and construction drilling had my nerves itching to ink someplace. So here i am, typing the randoms away and getting away from the slow ass hands of time.

Uninspired. The word I've been stuck to for a few months now. I wake up and i'm always ALWAYS tired, dreading the day, and just not looking forward to any major shits. Life wasn't suppose to be this gloomy. It was suppose to be funny.

Until lastnight when I decided on SIDS for a pint of Kilkenny. Things started to change. It was fucking awesome just sitting there enjoying my kilk and talking to ms.crabby about life. About why we get so upset and emotionally psycho sometimes and why we provoke men in our relationships. Basically why we poke them till their angry guts blow to kingdom come. And then we sealed it with splendid laughter. mwahah.

Then I thought, man this is a rare occasion and we must make a toast to the perfect weather, Edmund (the bday boy we dont know), the irish ale, the pub, the company, the seats, and how we're so lucky to be warming up those seats exchanging oddball opinions.

Let's just say I'm glad to be here. Even if it gets gloomy sometimes.

Ok, here's my weekend chopped up into tit bits.


ZOUK'S 6th Anniversary-The Madhatters party (they call it)

I thought it was a disaster honestly. Last years theme of decorated balls, mushrooms, and characters were actually colorful and creative. This year, however they brought it down to Alice in Idunowhatland. It was a muddy puddy battle of tea cups and like one big skinny Mushroom which i thought looked familiar from last years gudang. From a picture view, it actually looked kinda pretty, but not when ur standing there with the mess. I felt cheated.
People were beyond dresscode rules, they dressed like psycho hatters with leather jackets(fa up with that yo)and combat boots? And one girl wore fishnet stockings on her face (thats quite gross)Girls were armed with feathers and weird animals fastened to their heads, it creeped me out a lil. Fashion victims to the end man.
And if they didn't have feathers or anything fancy on, they were too busy showing off their lower butt cheeks off their super short dresses.
The event was skanky, messy, uninspiring, packed, and was painful to be in. And it took me a while to find the MADHATTER himself cuz other ppl went all out on their outfits, so they all played a role at Zouk that night.
And the free flow was shit to, I was there on time but the drinks were busy flying off to the greedy punks. So that means we didn't get any.
Aiyayay...the word is cape deh.


Cathys 25th Birthday Bash-Planter's Haven

Planter's Haven is a gorgeous place. We booked the clubhouse all to ourselves and really NOBODY was there except for the guards. We had a bbq frenzy of all meat types, from seafood to drips of pork, beef, lamb, chicken wings, sausages, potatoes, and salad. The process of it was really messy, disorganized, and everyone was just budging in saying this one needs a brush of butter, salt, peps, etc. Others were like No, we need it plain. But despite the chaos, the food tasted awesome. And I can safely say, we've earned the licence to grill. We tried copying Mr.Rainford. haha..yeah but we said things like "Shove this baby to grill and you're ready for a party!" haha close enough.

Extreme sports-grilling

And Finally, the end of Cathy's cake :)


Was actually planning to install myself to some Sunday light Sinatra and other jazz tunes. But unfortunately, i had to go for Princess Adeline's 8th Birthday party.
It actually turned out to be fun! The birthday girl had three cakes, one barbie cake, a haagen daz ice cream cake, and a confused looking pikachu dino cake. haha...funny and corny. I quite like corny parties. Plus, the kids these days are pretty hardcore too, they're fierce, naughty as hell, and they've got balls THIS BIG. They dont even feel threatened by their parents and even cops. Like this boy was hitting all these kids with his penis shaped balloon and the clown was like "Stop it or else i'll call Police, you wouldnt want that" and the boy just went "So, I dont care, ask them to come" And the clown and I were looking down at this boy in disbelief. The boy didn't give a tight ass what we thought, he continued torturing the little ones anyway.
It got me thinking of my birthday party when i was a kid. My mother baked a brownie chocolate cake filled with m&m layers. haha classic, homebaked, and original too. I loved the damn cake. But oh well can't beat barbie can i? :p

She's so adorable.

After the party, I went to buy a good ass GERMAN kitchen knife. Forgot the brand name but I know its wicked as hell and it will enable me to chop vegetables faster than the speed of light. Okay not...but i'm glad i got the knife. its sexy as hell.

Yeah thats about the end of ze weekend.
The weekend on its way should be a great one. Taking it to the beach. woot woot!