Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Smoking kills ur time...when ur bored that is.
Ahh life's been goin so SLOoooooW these days. It feels as if we've b een together for a loOong time. But its been on for only a month. Actually im surprised it could even pass a month. Oh well....i dunt wanna hope for too much now, cuz that just won't do good.
hmm..i miss jase, whens he gonna get back from Brunei? he's supposed to visit me in KL, so i can introduce him to ma bitch, kellyo. hehe...ahh i miss that dude..he lets you beat him up whenever ur stressed out or sometin. haha.
I did my essay! well i handed it in today and oh well....i completed it two days ago. ahh im so proud of myself. hehe...i hope this rajinness goes on until i graduate. i need it. But it'll go away....just like that and i'll be lazy again. that meeeee....
Anyways...love off..im tired.