Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Easter island :)

I'm thinking of going somewhere next year.
Since I'm on a tight budge this year with the weddings, the trips, the shopping i promised myself to make, and all the food i've been eating.I doubt I want to squeeze the moolahs outta my piggy bank for this trip. I'm totally breaking bank this year.
2010 is quite a compressed year filled with activities, mostly for a wardrobe stock-up and tummy fillers. But yeah it's cool, i've learned to be patient. It doesnt feel right to leave just yet. And so I won't.

I've tossed and turned, slept and dreamt, googled and fantasized, and then finally oh finally I came to conclude my ultimate holiday destination. Before I decided on where to go, my goal was to complete Southeast Asia, head to Europe, visit friends in the states, but then I thought I will eventually do so anyway, so wtf is the rush kan? Just go easy, put a dot on the map already.
The dot on the map belongs to "Isla de Pascua" also known as Easter Island. I'm sure many have heard about its mysterious nature, but not yet been. It's a special territory of Chile and is infamous for its oddball statues. I checked out the images and honestly, it looks like you're in a Mario game set with all those big ass villain heads. I guess I want to go someplace random and unique? It's not about being different, it's about being there.

It looks like a sensational place to be. Like I just wanna picnic there and sip on my lemonade and enjoy the view. Like just friggin chill the hell out with a friend and the rest of the man made homies around. There's this online astrologer I assign my mind to for accurate readings, predictions, etc blah. So they listed several vaca spots for me to explore and do a little bit of soul searching in. Some I've been a few years back and some were too bloody dangerous to go to. Then I saw South America, then it led me to pulau Easter. :) Mainly, it's Easter Island, and on the light side I would like to check out the countries around Chile, like Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, etc..the countries that are always featured in Miss Universe pageants. I have to check it out! Ah was just checkin out the flight details, fuck its not cheap!
And here's a googled pic of Chile. Shit, so pretty.

So I feel like going there next Easter? I'm sure they decorate the island or form some sort of little Polynesian island party. I can't wait already mon, South America it is. whoopee!

TIll then, I'll be TRYING to save the means. HAVE TO!

Who wants to come with? :)