Sunday, June 10, 2007

it would be a good afternoon

A great afternoon for some hot tea and crumbles.

What i have to do later after work:
1. Pay my bills, bills, bills
2. Purchase Incubus' latest album entitled "Light Grenades"
3. Cheer up me baby
4. Brush up in pool
5. Complete "Dress your family in Corduroy and Denim"

That's all that's in line for today. That's all i want to be up to.

I feel so bad that i can't make it home to jtown. I really wanted to spend time with my mother when she dropped by in KL. Just that, i had to split my time between john and her. She had a companion, so i thought it was ok to just leave em alone and not interrupt. Then when she arrived indo, she called me to tell me that my two sisters had gone off to do their own things.

I really want to fly down and just be alone with my mother, re-do our old days. Spending time with her, having high tea at the hyatt, drink hot tea and eat our biscuits british style. I just want to do all that. Can i?
I'm trying to sort out my responsibilities here first. But they seem to never end. Shit.

I just want to:
-go home and eat home cooked food
-be there for my mum
-read a book in peace
-have tea in an unfamiliar place
-smile all day

That's all i can give you.

Feeling the love? At this moment,i'm not.

I'll see you then.