Friday, July 15, 2005

stings and flowers losin ground

Hey love,
Bali was aite, was boring tho, didn't really like the crowd in the clubs, they were fuckin annoying. Fuckin assholes mostly. I'm in jakarta now, i dont' miss bali a slight bit, but i prolly will miss it within the next few months, who knows? Jakarta's aite, it feels good to be home well knowing that i'll be goin back to KL the comin thursday. I can't wait to meet jase tho! And Oh fuck, Mur's leaving in like a few hours, damn i didn't spend that much time with her, she left so early lastnite. Yeah i guess it was my fault tho.
And i met Martin! Yay! Damn i haven't seen that guy in like ages, i thot he forgot all about me and mur, but thank god he called us, managed to have dinner with him and stuff. Ahh that dude hasn't changed one bit, he's still the same old fart.
Aite, kissy kiss, mwah! mwahs!