Saturday, August 20, 2005

time is runnin out.

Dear you,

Time passes by so quickly, i hate it. My poopie head's leaving and i'm gonna really miss him. ALthough he's leaving, it feels as if he's just taking a long vacation. I'm happy for him cuz he's about to start his new life in San Francisco, and i love that place. But damn i'm gonna miss him. I feel so bad about the way i treated him, i didn't give shit about him at first but now i really do give a shit about him. haha. I'm gonna miss everything we've shared this holiday, all the different stages taking place in different places. In bali, i didn't expect anything more than a hook up. I know it sounds as if i was using him but no i thought he was using me too. Yeah but after all the sweet things he's done for me, i guess i started to like him. And i do now. And i'm glad im with him now cuz he makes me happy. :) Dude, it sux that he's leaving tonight, i'll be seeing him soon for coffee, but still not much time left. What sux is that i've been hanging out with him everyday and i'm gettn pretty used to him being around me. And now that he's leaving for good til december, i'm gonna feel like shit, i'm gonna feel so lonely. :( I"m gonna miss his warm hugs, everything......And dude if you ever do read this, i mean it. haha....oh well i gotta go shower now, i feel gross.

bubye, CHEPPI