Tuesday, March 10, 2009

saggy-haggy-naggy me

It's a Tuesday.
But why does it feel like a Monday?

I swear, long holidays fuck u up. Your timing, your everything. I spent my nights playing pool and going to Barsonic, not on LAPSAP day though. I am much too casual for these colorful confettis. They are like a bunch of dressed up smiley faces with orange, red, blue, rainbow wigs. U name it. Honestly, lapsap has taken KL to another level with its existence, it preaches music and fashion. People obey, people idolize.

And when people are obedient to this circle, they form this community that caters to these people who fight to be noticed and heard of. So there goes Zouk. No one wants to go to zouk main room cuz it's got all the cliche faces, the ones that praise hip hop or full trance. So zouk decides to reno their entire look and give barsonic its own space, so this community gets to breathe. Wow, i just realized this indirectly makes the best of sense. I mean imagine this, this community even has their own clubbing day. LAPSAP day. It's not a theme,it is the people who make it weekly and permanent.
Don't get me wrong, I am not mocking. I like the electro pumping through my veins and everything, but i'm too shy to wear the extremes. I'm afraid to like go all out and say "Yo, i shaved my head, but it beats all those bimbos with the typical long strings". I mean i'd rather admit "Yes, i'm a bimbo. I keep my hair the way it is, sorry if i offended u." some people are hardcore and I support them to the top with this. I just simply dont like it when people tell me that I want to stay in the safe zone and I'm afraid to go all out to take risks because I'm vain. It's not that man, it's cuz I fully am aware of my looks and I know that I'll look hideous. And the lapsap fashionistas actually look good going hardcore with bright hair or shaved or whatever. So there's the diffy. They look GOOD.

I can so imagine my sisters feasting on Nasi Padang or Sundanese food di atas lesehan! Me? I'm thinking the closest to indo nasi pad. That would be in the foodcourt of Midvalley, it imitates by a slight miss. All the ingredients such as singkong, sambal hijau, ayam pop are actually there. So yeah you bet I'm ready for it. Fck. My tums man. Rumble-grumble.

I miss my family. I want to gather in indo and eat the kampung food by the paddyfields and just breathe that awesome air. And eat all the sambal in the world. GADAMIT.

I want Club Monaco stuff. When will it go on SALE already? It's just not depreciating in price. I love the skirts, sweaters, and all the monaco stuff stuff. I just realized that I save-spend a little-save more than save-spend all-save again to spend all. That's right. I see some independent ring in me, which is good, cuz i'm liking it. If there's one thing I know, its that I ain't spoilt.

I hate men sometimes. They piss girls off. And even if you tell em, they act like they don't know. Now, who do you know would do that? Men. Makes me feel like slapping their ignorant expressions and just grilling them with "Why this and that?" questions. Why do you think girls are more prone to nagging than men are? Look at how annoying men have become these days. It's just how i feel sometimes, so let me be an old hag-nag.

Honestly, I love nagging. :) A heartful exercise.

Love, the hag-nag