Monday, April 25, 2005

penang filled my tummy

that crab, filled my tummy with all this good, greasy, oily fattening. iihhh...finding it so hard to cope with mantaining my weight and here this bitch goes feeding me constantly.
anyways...penang was cool, i liked it altho it was for only 2 days, shoulda stayed longer, but i would get fat by then. issh. Kristine came over this friday and left semalam....only spent a night mon, shouldve stayed longer. anyways i brought her to my usual spots, like red chamber, club7, and oh ya the circus, brought her there to watch the shows. Hope i wasn't a bad host man, serious! Anyways yay i got a pretty good essay grade for ze malaysian studies essay, thought id flunk it somehow, cuz i didn't really get the topic. I feel like havin nasi padang man, wanna go to a sederhana branch bad! but they got no padang food here and if they do say its nasi padang, its just plain nasi campur which u mix with all these veges andmeat, but it ain't too good.
fuck, im tired.
dozing off and yaya playing basketball lataz~ finally.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the sad cold i have

fuck i caught a bad cold from my dad, god he's so contagious, it passed so fast to me. Now im just blowing tissues and its all over the floor cuz im too sick to pick em up. Iihhh..fuck my runny nose. It got slightly better, but later i bet it'll develop again, its gross. Mur just keeps comin up with funny emails and shit man, i gotta give her some credit to bother emailing me in specific detail of yeah that. Dude mur, u have a naughty "suna" dont worry you'll get it in no time. I'm fhungry, but im on an extensive diet, no eating 2-3 hours before sleeping, keep away from the white stuff after noon, hmm what else yeah? you can munch a lil but completely skip ur dinner, its instant weight loss, but im findin that so freakin hard to do, its freakin hard to do mon! So im still stuck at the current weight i have been for at least 3 m onths. I need to get rid of it, go under it......if dona needs to lose weight, then what more me man? i gota lose double her weight. nah just joshin, not that bad mon, don't wanna be anorexic. Ok i'll cut the fuckn crap about weight issues ere. I wanna go to bali again, re-tan myself, re-strategize my tanning plans, this time put on loads of sunblock, i don't wanna peel like gluee no mo. And i wanna shroom, haven't tried it yet, i want the beautiful colors goin on, not popn this time. I hv completely stopd it, its easy for me cuz im not frequent. But donas gotta quit, she wants to but she just bought some off emil, haha. k dude...i spent like 6 freakin hours on my essay, god! And its tough for me cuz its in Bm and lotsa words dont mean nothing when i use indo words. hmmmm..fuck it. Anyways i managed to exceed the limit by a word, haha...1001 words that is. Sick of that bitch, fuck her...i feel sorry for all the international students that don't no shit, cuz even i had a major problem putting it down in sentences. Anyways, kristines comin here! yay! I guess she'll be the first one ever to come down and visit me, how nice isn't it? yep yep it ish!!!!!!!!!
the fat love i put on for you, bernie

Friday, April 08, 2005

The "shock"

haha murs going through a state of shock right now, the type of shock when you just move in to a new environment and surrounding. haha...i went thru that, but mine wasn't due to moving to a new plc..was just new friends i had to built up some trust on again. I mean i trust my old friends new friends at the start of uni weren't very friendly. I mean they just weren't right at first, but now it's all good, i've made friends and i've moved on without forgetting all my bestfriends. I still keep in touch with all of em, well most of em..the others just choose to vanish so be it..don't give a flyin fuck. i'M AT BURGER KING! Ordered my usual airport mushroom swiss set..yummeee..i'll never ever get sick of that.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

stayn home

I love stayin at home in a way. Plus it's raining now, makes it worth smoking outside in the balkon, enjoyable dong. hehe. I was so glad to hear from Murti, her email, funny email that turned out pretty darn horny actually. Damn girl, slow down. hehe....:P ok, don't kill me. Aite sunburns good to go, but skin still remains pealing like gluuuueeeee. Grossy. haha i just helped someone out to write a scholarship letter, like fuk man if anythings under my hands, it'll be a big flop. I'm not convincing enough. Damn i feel sorry for her. Im goin back home to jako lagi and yay i have ishtine to hang out wiht, she can tell me about her new boay.mwaha. so cuuuuute. And i have this stupid john casablanca graduation to go to, with me lookn like a burnt victim, holy schmokes mwang..don't know what to do.hehe. Fuck guys, i have a crush on this guy in my skooo..he's cute, not cute dimples on both sides, he's just so exotic lookn, awww...well he's got a too bad, crush will soon be over in no time. I still want to be single at the moment if you know what i mean. mwehe. Okay i'm stuck with words, can't think no longer.

Friday, April 01, 2005

the bali trip :)

FUck, now i'm totally burnt, i blame it on the bali trip. i got so red, not brown, which is depressing in a way. hehe. was pretty nice, went shopping for the usual goods, went boogie boarding for hours under the baking sun, spent most of our breakfast hours in tREEHOUSE, ahh so lovely isn't it? WEll we went clubbing and it was pretty nice actually in EMBargo cuz they played this trans song i really really am into right now. now i have a bad sun burnt and if you may say, i'm completely gosong. it hurts and i can't hug people for the meantime cuz yeah it just hurts. ahhh fuck it mon. Anyways....i mish my friends, yeah friends i miss you. hwe hwe. WE got caught by the polisi like twice cuz we didnt wear a helmet trus the second time, he was just desperate for money. that poor fucker. hmm...well oh well...i can't write much as i have problems struggling with my awfully burnt shoulders. fuckkkk...
anyways, i love you all so much, every single one of yall that reads this to the ones that don't even know about my blog or don't even read it. Well hard partiers and keep the smoke schmokin smokers. haha what the fuck, i got infected by someone obviously. And murti, don't think i got infected by some guy, haha i told you, im a good girl, planning to stay that way until the time is right! hehe....
good girls gotta go.......