Wednesday, April 20, 2005

the sad cold i have

fuck i caught a bad cold from my dad, god he's so contagious, it passed so fast to me. Now im just blowing tissues and its all over the floor cuz im too sick to pick em up. Iihhh..fuck my runny nose. It got slightly better, but later i bet it'll develop again, its gross. Mur just keeps comin up with funny emails and shit man, i gotta give her some credit to bother emailing me in specific detail of yeah that. Dude mur, u have a naughty "suna" dont worry you'll get it in no time. I'm fhungry, but im on an extensive diet, no eating 2-3 hours before sleeping, keep away from the white stuff after noon, hmm what else yeah? you can munch a lil but completely skip ur dinner, its instant weight loss, but im findin that so freakin hard to do, its freakin hard to do mon! So im still stuck at the current weight i have been for at least 3 m onths. I need to get rid of it, go under it......if dona needs to lose weight, then what more me man? i gota lose double her weight. nah just joshin, not that bad mon, don't wanna be anorexic. Ok i'll cut the fuckn crap about weight issues ere. I wanna go to bali again, re-tan myself, re-strategize my tanning plans, this time put on loads of sunblock, i don't wanna peel like gluee no mo. And i wanna shroom, haven't tried it yet, i want the beautiful colors goin on, not popn this time. I hv completely stopd it, its easy for me cuz im not frequent. But donas gotta quit, she wants to but she just bought some off emil, haha. k dude...i spent like 6 freakin hours on my essay, god! And its tough for me cuz its in Bm and lotsa words dont mean nothing when i use indo words. hmmmm..fuck it. Anyways i managed to exceed the limit by a word, haha...1001 words that is. Sick of that bitch, fuck her...i feel sorry for all the international students that don't no shit, cuz even i had a major problem putting it down in sentences. Anyways, kristines comin here! yay! I guess she'll be the first one ever to come down and visit me, how nice isn't it? yep yep it ish!!!!!!!!!
the fat love i put on for you, bernie

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