Friday, April 08, 2005

The "shock"

haha murs going through a state of shock right now, the type of shock when you just move in to a new environment and surrounding. haha...i went thru that, but mine wasn't due to moving to a new plc..was just new friends i had to built up some trust on again. I mean i trust my old friends new friends at the start of uni weren't very friendly. I mean they just weren't right at first, but now it's all good, i've made friends and i've moved on without forgetting all my bestfriends. I still keep in touch with all of em, well most of em..the others just choose to vanish so be it..don't give a flyin fuck. i'M AT BURGER KING! Ordered my usual airport mushroom swiss set..yummeee..i'll never ever get sick of that.

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