Sunday, April 03, 2005

stayn home

I love stayin at home in a way. Plus it's raining now, makes it worth smoking outside in the balkon, enjoyable dong. hehe. I was so glad to hear from Murti, her email, funny email that turned out pretty darn horny actually. Damn girl, slow down. hehe....:P ok, don't kill me. Aite sunburns good to go, but skin still remains pealing like gluuuueeeee. Grossy. haha i just helped someone out to write a scholarship letter, like fuk man if anythings under my hands, it'll be a big flop. I'm not convincing enough. Damn i feel sorry for her. Im goin back home to jako lagi and yay i have ishtine to hang out wiht, she can tell me about her new boay.mwaha. so cuuuuute. And i have this stupid john casablanca graduation to go to, with me lookn like a burnt victim, holy schmokes mwang..don't know what to do.hehe. Fuck guys, i have a crush on this guy in my skooo..he's cute, not cute dimples on both sides, he's just so exotic lookn, awww...well he's got a too bad, crush will soon be over in no time. I still want to be single at the moment if you know what i mean. mwehe. Okay i'm stuck with words, can't think no longer.

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