Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Langkawi Lamp post :)

Langkawi dulu

The actual date of trip: 29 Aug-31st

Just for keepsake, I want to remember my lamp post moments in Langkawi.

as usual, my blanket a.k.a IBU JANE'S follow me everywhere, provided if there's enuf space for it to crash.

I loved the whole alone time with hot earls and drags by the balcony. I enjoyed it so much. Loved the fact that I didn't have to take care of any dugongs for the weekend. Just chill, watch the trees, and be a certified loner. Plus the TV was out, it just wasn't workin. And I knew it wanted me to have an actual holiday by not allowing me to grip on any form of news updates or shows..etc. Even my room left me alone man. I loved it. I didn't bother to call anybody for chit chats. Didn't miss anyone either. Just felt like fuckin the world yknow.

My balkon of wisdom

I went with my cousy Janice and her bf Thomas.
Initially, it was suppose to be my cousin and i bumming on the shores. But her thom-thom wanted in (and im sure it was for romantic reasons)plus to me they look like two fresh oysters. So yeah I get it and I didn't mind me, myself, and I time either. The space was worth it.

Foodie galore! Yeah we visited Orchid Ria once again for the fluffball giant prawns, the crabs, the ikan goreng bawang putih, and well it tasted better than the other time. I wanted to try the kampung huts selling tomyam and ikan bakar, but the rain wasn't giving in. What a bitch man. But okay who am i to complain when seafoods on my plate. Orchid Ria is commercialized as hell, one of the shareholders are superbly rude and if you ditch em, they won't even notice cuz its always occupied with people anyways. Their lucky their seafood is fresh and up to par with the Balinese siput restos. Lucky asses. Cuz if it wasn't, I just wonder how nice he will be to us. He is rude, assholic, and disrespectful. Three things you should never be when serving your customers. When they want a seat, you don't ask em WHY they want a gaddamn seat, you wipe the rain off and bring it over. He complains. What uncle is this man? I swear he's not an old man, he's an asshole in disguise. I have so much respect for older ppl but that old hag deserves to be kung pao'd. x[

When the food arrived, i couldnt help but smile and eat my ass off. After 20 minutes of the grumpy disaster.

Yummy ass crabbbbbbss

Then of course we met our bud Thierry Phal. He owns the Yellow Cafe, a gorgeous place with pretty balinese hammocks, bamboo ceilings, rustic lamps, and yellow couches of comfort. Just stayed there for hours chilling, mumbling, laughing, chilling all over again. You should really just bum on the floor and stretch your legs to his thai cushion thingi. awesome shit.

The Yellow Cafe

the kuning couch

Balinese hammock, so innovative dontcha think?

Not to mention our trip to UNDERWATERWORLD LANGKAWI. It was so-so. There were no goddamn dugongs to see. There was this awesome jelly fish tho. there were those grumpy penguins featured in happy feet too and some other little unique beings :)

My favorite creature. Forgot what type of Jellyfish tho. But I would call em the X-RAYed Jellyfish clan

me chilling with my homie

the grumpy breed

The mighty Sting Ray. It just always takes my breath away. Gorgeous creatures.

DOMINO DAMSELFISH. DAMN. what a fuckin funny name.

It was raining. So I did not toast. Yeah saddie ay, plus it wasn't the right time of the month either.
I didn't get to indulge in water sports, parasailing.

Here's a shot of janice/nyonya penguin/janite up high in the air


To wrap it up

Warning: Swine Flu is hazardous. Cover up like me.
(okay I want popcorn n ribena now) so lame.

It's Friday today, happy happy joy joy!

Okay, thats all folks.