Monday, April 25, 2005

penang filled my tummy

that crab, filled my tummy with all this good, greasy, oily fattening. iihhh...finding it so hard to cope with mantaining my weight and here this bitch goes feeding me constantly.
anyways...penang was cool, i liked it altho it was for only 2 days, shoulda stayed longer, but i would get fat by then. issh. Kristine came over this friday and left semalam....only spent a night mon, shouldve stayed longer. anyways i brought her to my usual spots, like red chamber, club7, and oh ya the circus, brought her there to watch the shows. Hope i wasn't a bad host man, serious! Anyways yay i got a pretty good essay grade for ze malaysian studies essay, thought id flunk it somehow, cuz i didn't really get the topic. I feel like havin nasi padang man, wanna go to a sederhana branch bad! but they got no padang food here and if they do say its nasi padang, its just plain nasi campur which u mix with all these veges andmeat, but it ain't too good.
fuck, im tired.
dozing off and yaya playing basketball lataz~ finally.

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