Sunday, March 04, 2007

cheeryy belly

Hey blogger,

soz..been sick for the past week, horrible fever. It was really a high fever man...the sucky thing about this sick journey i've gone through is that the first hospital i went to was suppose to be one of the best, i guess i was wrong. I asked the doc..what can i eat and what can i not eat? He said.."my dear, you can eat everything?" and i asked "even fried chicken?"..he said "go treat urself to it, no problem and you dont need a blood test either". What do i know..when i woke up the next day, my temperature boiled to like 39 degrees and that was bad..i couldn't really think properly, icouldn't look at an object properly. I couldn't focus. So yeah i was suffering. So i went to gleneagles and singh helped me out...gave me a needle poke and good now. My blood test was pretty close to the results of dengue fever..but thank god man...i would hate to be admitted again. Anyways i feel great now, i have recovered from all that heat and shit..haha and yeah i can go to college again like a real student. ohlala.
hmm...i miss mur and krispo. gosh..if only we weren't apart..that would be so cool. Then i would know what to do everyday, then i would know who i have everyday.
anyways times up for me...i gotta go do some unfinished article review. wish me luck. its about ethiopia and starbux. hehe..mwah,.
-cherry bellleee..hehe

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kristie said...

hey belly button...

guess what? i am sick too man...tonsilitis and fever...! anyway on mc today, going back to work tomorrow, muaks!

hope you will feel better soon alright... :)