Wednesday, September 28, 2005

drenched, drained, dead..

Dear you,
im so bored now...its my 2 month thing with jeremy today/yesterday. ngk tau ah....27th for me is 26th for him. So now that its the 28th, its the 27th for him. Never thot i would have passed a month really. Man im so stressed out, just did my pr exam yesterday, it was pretty tough, i ddin't really study for it, i ended up playing monopoly for the entire night with friends. Monopoly is addictive, thats when the money comes rolling in constantly. Ahh but at least i finished my organizational behaviour exam, thats all done. Now i have the new economy essay to finish. I'm only halfway...its due next week anyway. Schools been good, i feel i've been working harder compared to the last three sems. I dont know why, mebe cuz ive got awesome lecturers this sem, they're cool, especially writing for mass media. man the story he told us was devastating, nearly made me cry. Shit. But i still need to motivate myself when it comes to exams..i have to study in advance and stuff. Damn i dont like my sleeping pattern. I only take naps..and my naps are longer than my sleeping hours. I duno....its just not healthy.
ahh im tired blogg....gonna leave you....

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