Sunday, October 09, 2005

home as it great.

I love the feeling of being at home. feels goooood. home cooked food, ur sisters lying around someplc, ur mum, and yeah food again. haha. Oh man..i dunt knowwhat to do with my life, so many paths to take..just dunt know which one will be right for me. I need to know. I needa start thinking about my future now...i wanna be successful, i dont want to have to rely on anybody, it would just make me useless and manja. I used to be so manja man..when i was still living with my dad, i dunt want to live with him ever again. haha. it sounds mean yes..but oh well i really don't. Im watching the opera winfrey show..stuff you watch for entertainment. hmm...i miss jermass....he said he got fat..haha he's just trying to scare me. Anywyas ive been playing alotta pool, i lost the competition in zinc a few days back. that suckd. the guy was so freakin lucky man, he totally kept on safetying meeeeeee! hate him. he's such a pussy, i swear..his shots suck ass...yet he still won. And klaudia lost too...damn those guys are just pure lucky. I hate em for it! ahhh...anyways....lifes been pretty tough these days, stressed out and i have a PR report to do. i needa do it now! how can i get so males all of a sudden...doesn't make sense. Okay i better go do it now..i hope. or i'll just go to the 24 hour starbux. i guess i will...i shouuuuuuuulllllddd..haha
byee..gnite..mwah mwah.

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