Sunday, August 09, 2009

A mental indigestion too


I've been feeling really gassy, lost, and intimidated easily as of late.
I do NOT know why. Pss.

I miss my friends?
Yeah totally. But why does missing cause indigestion? nah its last night's meatworks really.
I am really not feeling so good right now. I feel like a fat slob that just ate 3 rounds of korean barbeque at BONGA! And i did just that. I feel like i haven't been exercising much. And i've been doing just that.
I think i need to wake the shit outta my face and just go for the kill. Sweat the bitch numsayin? Just like swim. run. set a new diet for myself. Some fibrous goods if possible.

I haven't been doing much besides admitting myself to the cube. handing in work. then there's the occasional daydreamer side of me?

It was funny, last night i laughed real hard when i was sleeping. Then john woke me up, shocked me shitless with his face infronta mine. And it was dark. So he looked like some sad ass goblin. haha. And he started bursting out in flames of laughter, telling me that it was my laughter that killed him.
Whatevs mister. People have dreams. Just that I happen to bring them to reality in a scary chuckle. Puss-wuss :)

This beats my scary chuckle. Jayden's 1st. Aunty Doris made a book of her own quotes for him. Talk about humor back in the days, priceless.

Man I understand the power of facebook. It makes you miss ur friends more, it gets you in trouble, it naturally bitches about others, it also helps you get connected at the same time. But most of all is the missin bit. I miss me poyples!!!!

This blows major jobs man. All the girls and cliff gathering in Seattle, without me! Unfair! But u girls do look pretty tho including cliff. hehe..kangen choy-choys.

I can't wait to gather. But we're all like scattered here and there. Some in Bali,the rest in bangkok. Gimana dong? Settle for a place peeps. If not i'll just visit them next year aja. Tix are fixed for New years. ahhhh.

Ok i'm going to work now. The more pics i see on Deytas fb, the more i miss them monkeys.

peach out for now.

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