Sunday, December 13, 2009

not a cloudy Monday

What a lovely morning.
What a lovely Monday (Im serious)

I checked into work late today.
Got in at 10.30am to be accurate.
Thats an hour plus late.

Then again, it's not the first time its happened. Blame it on the alarm. It's suppose to alarm me but put me to deep sleep instead. Useless.

But i do love today's Monday. December 14, 2009. Memorable because of a pretty eventful weekend.

My eventful weekend (eventful to me)

-played some pool at wine @ nine
-big2'd to the early am at wine @ nine
-managed some pints and my Grilled Salsa Chicken at Deutsche Gasthaus, TTDI
-went for Dome's All Day BIG ass breakie
-Met an interesting soul
-got some work done, most of it actually
-suppose to go skytrekking but bailed out in the end cuz of meds
-Mums Birthday, wished her for being the coolest
-Now knows why magnificent fish and chips is magnifique?
-played pool at ballroom, another yuppy guppy spot, empty as hell
-went to Reggae Bar off petaling street for the first time ever. chilled out to a shisha, gulped a carlsberg, and lost a game of british pool
-received a cute ass bong from Krabi land, compliments from Shanice
-bought a KFC happymeal set that comes with a mini Doraemon figure in a house
-couldn't stop laughing when Iron Chef came on
-is definitely not smarter than a 5th grader either. Tough show, brainy kids.

This weeks going to be good because it's like the last week to survive through before leave, leave, leave.

Christmas back home in Jakarta.
New Year's with Murti in Bangkok.

I'm smiling already.

-still have to add in my previous getaways before i forget about it for life

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