Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Make do with 2010

It's been a while since i've blogged.
Works been "quite" hectic.
Life's been "quite" busy.

So now i'm free enough to doodle a lil sum'in sum'in.

The year 2010. I've always made resolutions prior to the new year. Well for the past 5 years I have. And in the end, the list always seems similar to me and never crossed off. Which means I have failed the challenge to complete list.

Things I wanna do this year

-shop in Bangkok for a whole years supply
-visit fam more often
-finish my work waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the deadline, not a day before it
-Climb KK
-make it for the back to back weddings
-lose weight, trim sides
-take up pilates
-settle payments on time
-cut down on beer (seriously)
-let interesting people into my life
-calm down and dont let temper rule mind
-read the dusty books
-not bitch too much
-pick up a new hobby

Yeah that about it for now. The challenge starts tomorrow.

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