Friday, August 26, 2005

the morning has started, go work on ur shit..

[what i'm saying to myself]

Rise and shine dude! You have to keep up the good work. You're not even focusing and you didn't even finish ur assignment yesterday when you sorta promised to. you broke your promise and therefore you are useless. You have to work on it..if you don't you'll be a complete failure that couldn't stick to her own promises. shame on you if that happens. now the deadlines by 430pm, do it, but make sure contents are good and find examples from Carlill Vs the Carbolic Smokeball case. It'll be helpful, hopefully. Now go take a shower and do everything that refreshes you, go drink some orange juice and now start squeezing the work outta you. Clear your mind and relax while you're doing it. It'll be alright.

do the shit.....

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